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April Xiuhua Si, Ph.D.

Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Office Phone: (951) 552-8479
E-mail: asi@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: College of Engineering Building, TEGR 341
Office Hours: TBD

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering Texas A&M University 2005
M.S. Chemical Engineering Dalian University of Technology
B.S. Environmental Engineering Dalian University of Technology
  • Additional Education

    ABET Accreditation

  • Courses Taught

    Current Courses:
    EGR102 Freshmen Engineering Design
    EGR122 Visualization Languages I (AutoCAD and Excel)
    EGR302 Engineering Design and Documentation (Junior Design)
    EGR341 Engineering Thermodynamics & Lab
    EGR442 CAD Design (Solidworks, MasterCAM, FEA)
    EGR447/MCE547 Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures

    Courses Taught before
    EGR241 Statics
    EGR242 Strength of Materials
    EGR343 Dynamics
    EGR342 Fluid Mechanics
    EGR344 Materials and Manufacturing
    EGR441 Heat Transfer
    And International Engineering and Business program

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    • Numerical simulations of drug delivery in the respiratory system, fluid flow, particle tracing in various applications.
    • Thermodynamics in theoretical analysis of crystalline materials under stress and electromagnetic fields.
    • Experimental study of heat transfer efficiency through reducing fouling deposition by modifying surface properties of materials.
    • Applications of Electromagnetic fields in water treatment (desalination) and drug delivery.
    • Proficient in Comsol Multiphysics, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, MatLab, Ansys Fluent
    • Design, modifications, and acoustics study of wind-tunnels
    • Study the effectiveness of the facemask on the market and design a more efficient and more breathable facemask.
    • Design and Applications of composite materials

  • Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

    2007-2014 Engineering Department of Calvin University
    2006-2007 Integrated Engineering Department of Southern Utah University
    2005-2006 Mechanical and Materials science and engineering of Rice University

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

    Selected publications:
    1. Xiuhua Si, Jinxiang Xi, Ziliang Zhou, and Jun Zhang, “The Impact of “Green” Requirements in Engineering Students’ Design Projects on Engineering Students’ Green Mindset”, Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference, June, 2023, Baltimore, Maryland.
    2. Xiuhua Si, Mahamed Talaat, Jinxiang Xi, “SARS COV-2 virus-laden droplets coughed from deep lungs: Numerical quantification in a single-path whole respiratory tract geometry”, Physics of Fluids, 33(2), February 2021.
    3. Jinxian Xi, Xiuhua Si, Ramaswamy Nagarajan, “Effects of mask-wearing on the inhalability and deposition of airborne SARS-CoV-2 aerosols in human upper airway”, Physics of Fluids, 32(12), December 2020.
    4. Xiuhua Si, Ziliang Zhou, Jinxiang Xi, “Design and Assembly of a Large Scale Cost-efficient Wind Tunnel Via Computational Simulations as Capstone projects,” Proceedings of ASEE conference, June 2020.
    5. Jinxiang Xi and Xiuhua Si, “Exploiting exhaled aerosol fingerprints to detect lung cancers and obstructive respiratory diseases,” book chapter in Lung Cancer and Imaging, December 2019.
    6. Jinxiang Xi, Xiuhua Si, “Numerical Simulation and Experimental Testing to Improve Olfactory Drug Delivery with Electric Field Guidance of Charged Particles,” Advanced Technology for Delivering Therapeutics, May 2017
    7. Xiuhua Si, Jinxiang Xi, “Modeling and Simulations of Olfactory Drug Delivery with Passive and Active Controls of Nasally Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosols,” Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2016 (111), May 2016.
    8. Jinxiang Xi, Ze Zhang, Xiuhua Si, “Improving intranasal delivery of neurological nanomedicine to the olfactory region using magnetophoretic guidance of microsphere carriers,” International Journal of Nanomedicine 10:1211-22 · February 2015
    9. Jinxiang Xi, Xiuhua Si, Worth Longest, “Electrostatic Charge Effects on Pharmaceutical Aerosol Deposition in Human Nasal–Laryngeal Airways,” Pharmaceutics 6(1):26-35 · March 2014.
    10. Xiuhua Si, Jinxiang Xi, “Development of a new curvature law of the wall for internal swirling axial flows,” J FLUID ENG-T ASME
    11. Xiuhua Si and Rachel Gaide, “Electrophoretic Focusing and Navigation for Intranasal Target Drug Delivery”, Proceedings of the ASME Dsitrict F Early Career Technical Conference, Volume 12, Nov 2-3, 2013, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
    12. Xiuhua Si, J. Xi, J. Kim, Y. Zhou, and H. Zhong “Modeling of Release Position and Ventilation Effects on Olfactory Aerosol Drug Delivery,” Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 186: 22-32, 2013
    13. Xiuhua Si and J. Xi, “Chapter 3: Curvature Law of Wall for Swirling Axial Flows,” in Turbulent Flows: Prediction, Modeling, and Analysis, Zied DRISS (ed.), Nova Science Publishers, 71-92, 2013.
    14. Paulo Ribeiro and Xiuhua Si “Chapter 2: Electric and Magnetic Circuit” in Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineering, H. Wayne, McGraw Hill, 16th Ed, 2012
    15. Xiuhua Si, Eun-Suok Oh, John Slattery, “Compatibility constraint at interfaces with elastic, crystalline solids–I: Theory” Philosophical Magazine, 1478-6443, Volume 90, Issue 5, 2010, Pages 655 – 663
    16. John Slattery, Xiuhua Si, Kaibin Fu, Eun-Suok Oh, “Compatibility constraint at interfaces with elastic, crystalline solids–II: Applications” Philosophical Magazine, 1478-6443, Volume 90, Issue 5, 2010, Pages 665 – 674
    17. Xiuhua Si, Jinxiang Xi, and Xihai Tao, “The Study of Scaling on Low-Energy Surfaces”. Proceedings of 2010 ASME International Heat Transfer Conference, August 13-19, 2010, Washington D.C., USA
    18. Xiuhua Si, Sungmin Youn, Jinxiang Xi, “Reducing Scale Deposition by Surface Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment”, Proceedings of 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 13-19, 2009, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
    19. Jeremy VanAntwerp, Aubrey Sykes, Xiuhua Si, “Design Of Multiple Effect Evaporators Using Excel Add-Ins”. Proceedings of 2009 ASEE Annual Conference, June 13-16, 2009, Austin, TX, USA
    20. Jinxiang Xi, Xiuhua Si, Worth Longest, and Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, “Curvature Law for Axial- -swirling Flows in Rotating Machinery,” ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 129, p169-178, 2007.
    21. Daming Xue, Xie Quan, Yazhi Zhao, Xiuhua Si, “Analysis of Energy Consumption and Acquisition in Thermal and Catalytic Cracking of Waste Polyethylene Products”. Journal of the Dalian University of Technology, 37(4), p110, 1997.

  • Church Membership & Activities

    Riverside Mandarin Baptist Church: Life to life Discipleship Training, Bible Study leader, Grace Friend Fellowship leader, Deacon
    Harvest Christian Fellowship
    Grove Community Church

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Faculty Senator
    Faculty Assessment Committee
    Academic Advisor
    Journal and conference paper reviewer

  • Interests & Hobbies

    Hiking, skiing, biking, and gardening

  • Personal Philosophy

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6
    For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100: 5