Michael Berger, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Program Director, Graphic Design + Photography

Office Phone: (951) 343-4675
E-mail: mberger@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: W. E. James Building, Room 332
Office Hours: Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit http://www.cbudesign.com for more information on the program.

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
M.F.A. Graphic Design California State University, Fullerton 2013
B.F.A. Graphic Design/Minor in Illustration California State University, Fullerton 1989
  • Additional Education

    Download a CBU Design brochure at: http://cbudesign.com/cbudesign/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/cbudesign_2011_brochure.pdf

  • Courses Taught

    ART245 2006FA Design Principles
    ART245 2006SP Design Principles
    ART318 2007SP Adv Design Principles
    GDM110 2009FA Fundamental Design
    GDM120-A-2009FA Fund Design
    GDM130-B-2009FA Fund Image
    GDM130-B-2010SP Fund Image
    GDM206-A-2008FA Creative Principles
    GDM206-B-2008FA Creative Principles
    GDM245-A-2008FA Design Principles
    GDM271-B-2008FA Photo Principles
    GDM271-D-2009SP Photo Principles
    GDM306-A-2008FA Adv Myth& Ideation
    GDM306-A-2009SP Adv Myth & Ideation
    GDM318-A-2008FA Adv Design
    GDM321-E1-A-2010SU Prof Pres
    GDM327-B-2008FA Advanced Photo
    GDM331-A-2009FA Animation Design
    GDM331-A-2010SP Animation Design
    GDM371-A-2009SP Advanced Ideation
    GDM371-B-2008FA Advanced Ideation
    GDM399-I-2009FA Advanced Design
    GDM399-I-2010SP Advanced Design
    GDM400-A-2008FA Creative Message
    GDM424-A-2009SP Advanced Design
    GDM427-A-2009SP Advanced Imagery
    GDM450-A-2009FA Internship
    GDM480-A-2009FA Flash
    GDM499-A-2009FA Senior Show
    GDM321 2009SP Professional Presentation
    GDM450-A-2009SP Internship
    GDM499-A-2009SP Senior Show
    GDM120-A-2011SP Fund Typography
    GDM120-B-2011SP Fund Typography
    GDM310-A-2011SP Int Design
    2010-FA-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2010-FA-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2010-FA-UT GDM130-B Fund Image
    2010-FA-UT GDM130-C Fund Image
    2010-FA-UT GDM410-A Adv Design
    2010-FA-UT GDM420-A Adv Typography
    2010-FA-UT GDM450-A Intrnshp
    2010 GDM321-Design Prof Presentatns
    2011-FA-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2011-FA-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2011-FA-UT GDM120-C Fund Typ
    2011-FA-UT GDM130-C Fund Image
    2011-FA-UT GDM410-A Adv Design
    2011-FA-UT GDM420-A Adv Typ
    2011-FA-UT GDM450 Intrnshp
    2011-SP-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2011-SP-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2011-SP-UT GDM310-B Int Design
    2011-SP-UT GDM331 Animation Design
    2011-SP-UT GDM410 Advanced Design
    2011-SP-UT GDM420 Adv Typ
    2011-SP-UT GDM450-Internship
    2011-SU-UT GDM450-Internship
    2012-SP-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2012-SP-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2012-SP-UT GDM130-A Fund Image
    2012-SP-UT GDM310-B Int Design
    2012-SP-UT GDM410 Advanced Design
    2012-SP-UT GDM420 Adv Typography
    2012-SP-UT GDM450 Internship
    2012-FA-UT-GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2012-FA-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2012-FA-UT GDM120-C Fund Typ
    2012-FA-UT GDM399 Spec Topic: Graphc Desgn & Media
    2012-FA-UT GDM410 Adv Design
    2012-FA-UT GDM420 Adv Typ
    2012-FA-UT GDM450 Internship
    2012-SU-UT-GDM450 Internship
    2013-SP-UT DES498 Portfolio
    2013-SP-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2013-SP-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2013-SP-UT GDM410 Adv Design
    2013-SP-UT GDM420 Adv Typography
    2013-SP-UT GDM450 Internship
    2013-FA-UT DES498-A Portfolio
    2013-FA-UT GDM120-A Fund Typ
    2013-FA-UT GDM120-B Fund Typ
    2013-FA-UT GDM410 Adv Design
    2013-FA-UT GDM420 Adv Typ
    2013-FA-UT GDM450 Internship

    Programs Authored: Design program at CBU

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    • 25 years of experience in design firms
    • Creative director at Harvest | Greg Laurie
    • Owner of mbdx creative (mbdx.com)
    • Work has appeared in Wall Street Journal
    • Has produced, written and directed TV commercials and music videos
    • Photography has appeared on FWA, a worldwide photography organization out of England
    • Logo work is included in the Logo Lounge Vol. 7
    • Designed the California Baptist University logo while art directing David Riley Associates, Newport Beach

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

    MFA Thesis: The Comedic Model in Graphic Design Conceptualization
    Wall Street Advertising Campaign, MTI
    Logo Award, Logo Lounge 7

  • Church Membership & Activities

    Harvest Christian Fellowship

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Works as agency of record for Fred Jordan Mission, Skid Row, Los Angeles

  • Interests & Hobbies

    Design, photography, communication arts collection, guitar and drums, camping and family