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Ash Melika, PhD

Professor of Archaeology/Anthropology

Office Phone: 951-552-8799
Office Location: James 140
Office Hours:

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
PhD Anthropology/Egyptology University of Leicester, England 2015
Th.M. Old Testament Gateway Seminary 2021
M.Div. Semitic Languages, Hebrews Scriptures, and the ancient Near East Princeton Theological Seminary 2003
M.A. Culture Anthropology/Archaeology Columbia University 2000
M.A. Egyptology New York University 1997
B.A. Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology Hunter College (The City University of New York) 1994
  • Additional Education

    Archaeological Expeditions:
    Participated in archaeological training at Saqqara, Egypt.
    Involved in a research project of several tombs at the Giza Plateau, Egypt.
    A team member for two seasons at Tell el-Borg excavation site, North Sinai, Egypt.

    Ethnographic Work:
    I was involved in ethnographic research among the al-Qurna community in Luxor, Egypt.
    I was involved in ethnographic research among the Coptic monastic community of Deir-el Souryan, Wadi el-Natrun, Egypt.

  • Courses Taught

    Introduction to Archaeology: Ancient Near East
    Introduction to Archaeology: Egypt
    Introduction to Archaeology: Levant
    Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
    Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
    Anthropological Theory
    Language and Culture
    Anthropology of Religion
    Cultural Anthropology
    Introduction to Anthropology
    Race, Class, & Gender
    Global Conflict
    World History: Antiquity to 1500 AD
    History of the Modern Middle East
    Introduction to Arabic II
    Introduction to Religion
    Dynamics of Religious Experiences
    Religions of the World
    Survey of the Old Testament
    Introduction to Sociology
    Sociology of Marriage and the Family

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    Archaeology and Languages of ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East
    Wisdom Literature (ancient and modern)
    Anthropology of Religion
    Eastern Christianity (Monastic Theology)
    Anthropology of Modern Middle Eastern Minorities
    Material Culture

  • Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

    Raritan Valley Community College, NJ
    Mercer County Community College, NJ
    Berkeley College, NJ
    Bergen County Community College, NJ

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

    “The Founding of the Temple in Ancient Egypt: Ritual and Symbolism,” in “An Excellent Fortress for His Armies, a Refuge for the People”: Egyptological, Archaeological, and Biblical Studies in Honor of James K. Hoffmeier (Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania University Press, 2020)

    “The Poor, Poverty, and Materialism in the Instruction of Amenemope, the Book of Proverbs, and Coptic Texts: A Socio-Historical Reading, in Coptic Culture Series (Cairo: American University of Cairo Press).

    Academic Presentations:
    “Poverty and Subsistence in Ancient Egyptian and Biblical Wisdom Literature,” Fourth International Symposium on Coptic Culture: Past, Present, & Future (Advocacy, Activism, and Freedom: Historical Perspectives), Stevenage, England, (2017)
    “Tribal Warfare in the Books of Judges and Joshua: An Anthropological Reading,” Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion, TX, (2016)
    “The Founding of the Temple in ancient Egypt and Israel,” Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion, CA, (10/2014)
    “The Materialization of ancient Egyptian Kingship ideology in the New Kingdom (c.a. 1550-1070 BC)”, Southwestern Anthropological Association, CA, (4/2014).
    "Signs of Protest: The Semiotics of the Egyptian Revolution of 25 January," American Ethnological Society, NY, (April 2012).
    "Near Eastern Conceptions of Wisdom," Society of Biblical Literature: Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, NJ, (March 2012).
    “Isaiah 19:1-15: A Reversal of Egyptian Royal Ideology” Society of Biblical Literature, MA, (November 2008).
    .“Ancient Pharaonic Statues and the Quest for Conception amongst the Rural Population in Egypt,” Northeastern Anthropological Association, MA, (March 2007).

    Session Chair:
    "Society in Ancient Egypt" at the International Congress of Egyptologists, XI, Florence, Italy, (August 2015).

  • Church Membership & Activities

    EvFree Fullerton

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE Certificate Awarded)
    Chaplaincy Work Services at Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Staten Island, NY.
    Chaplaincy Work Services in the Emergency Room at Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.

    Society of Biblical Literature
    The Evangelical Theological Society
    American Anthropological Association
    International Association for Egyptologists
    American Research Center in Egypt
    Archaeological Institute of America
    American Schools of Oriental Research

  • Interests & Hobbies


  • Personal Philosophy

    An age without passion has no values, and everything is transformed into representational ideas.