Derek Updegraff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing

Office Phone: (951) 552-8779
Office Location: James Building, 259
Office Hours:

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. English: Medieval Studies and Poetry Writing University of Missouri 2013
M.A. English: Language and Linguistics University of Missouri 2008
M.F.A. Creative Writing: Fiction California State University, Long Beach 2005
B.A. English: Creative Writing California State University, Long Beach 2002
  • Courses Taught

    English 599: Special Topics
    English 596: Research Seminar
    English 576: Graduate Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry
    English 575: Graduate Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction and Nonfiction
    English 485: Advanced Poetry Writing
    English 484: Advanced Fiction Writing
    English 431: Literary Journal Editing and Publishing
    English 386: Writing Creative Nonfiction
    English 385: Writing Poetry
    English 384: Writing Fiction
    English 273: Introduction to Creative Writing
    English 123: Intermediate Composition
    English 113: Composition

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, verse translation); Old and Middle English language and literature; literary theory; linguistics; history of meters and poetic forms in English; classical and medieval Latin

  • Teaching Experience

    California Baptist University (August 2013 - present)
    University of Missouri (August 2007 - May 2013)
    San Diego Mesa College (August 2005 - May 2007)

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications



    Paintings That Look Like Things (Stephen F Austin State University Press, forthcoming 2017). A collection of poems and translations.
    The Butcher's Tale and Other Stories (Stephen F Austin State University Press, 2016). A collection of short fiction.


    "The Gifts of Men," "The Fortunes of Men," "The Rhyming Poem," in The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain, edited by Siân Echard and Robert Rouse (Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming in 2017)

    "The Translatability of Manuscript Pages Containing Old English Verse (with an Illustrative Translation of The Exeter Book, Folios 98r-101r and 124r-124v)." Texas Studies in Literature and Language 56.1 (Spring 2014): 1-41.

    "The Old English Verse Line in Translation: Steps toward a New Theory of Page Presentation." Oral Tradition 26.2 (October 2011): 645-52.

    Translations and Editions:

    Ælfric’s "Life of St. George," edition and translation. Metamorphoses (forthcoming Fall 2015).
    Ælfric’s "Life of St. Æthelthryth," edition and translation. Metamorphoses 20.2 (Fall 2012): 20-9.
    Anonymous Old English "A Dream about the Cross" (commonly titled The Dream of the Rood) and "Cædmon’s Hymn." Windhover 16 (Spring 2012): 56-62.
    Anonymous Old English "Charm for Unfruitful Land." Natural Bridge 26 (Fall 2011): 14-9.
    Catullus’s Carmen 46, literal translation and Latin text beside the verse adaptation "First Spring in Columbia, Missouri." The Cave Region Review 3 (Spring 2011): 30-1.
    Horace’s Odes 1.38. The Classical Outlook: Journal of the American Classical League 87.1 (Fall 2009): 44.
    "Catullus to Varus, Regarding a Mutual Friend" (Carmen 22) and "Horace to Postumus, Regarding a Somber Truth" (Odes 2.14). The Raintown Review 7.2 (December 2008): 35-7.
    "Chaucer’s Words to Adam Amanuensis" (Chaucers Wordes unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn). Ship of Fools 62 (Spring 2008): 12.
    "A Multitude of Kisses" (Catullus’s Carmen 5), "A Warm Welcome to the City" (Catullus’s Carmen 43), "I Hate and Love My Girl" (Catullus’s Carmen 85), and "To a Man of Letters, On a Tragic Occasion" (Catullus’s Carmen 96). Ezra: An Online Journal of Translation 2.1 (Spring 2008): web.
    Horace’s Odes 1.11. The Classical Outlook: Journal of the American Classical League 84.2 (Winter 2007): 79.
    Chaucer’s "To Rosemounde" and "Of Pedro, King of Spain," ll. 2375-90 in The Monk’s Tale. The Chiron Review 80 (Autumn 2005): 26.

    Short Stories:

    "The Bull from Kelp Forest." Raleigh Review, forthcoming fall 2017
    "Release from the Ceramic Doghouse." The Carolina Quarterly, forthcoming spring 2017
    "The Incident at Our Lady." Tikkun, winter 2017
    "At the Dog Park." CutBank, fall/winter 2016
    "His Early Paintings Looked Like Things." The Noctua Review, spring/summer 2016
    "The Butcher's Tale." Palooka, summer 2016
    "Into the Ends of the World." Overtime, single story chapbook series (forthcoming from Blue Cubicle Press, May 2016)
    "Story at Midnight." Rosebud, Issue 60 (forthcoming Nov/Dec 2015)
    "Cafe." Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art (forthcoming 2015)
    "In a Laundromat in Long Beach." Gravel Literary Journal (September 2015)
    "Some Substantial Thing." The Chiron Review, issue 100 (Summer 2015)
    "Thursday Morning at A. R. Valentien." Sierra Nevada Review (Spring 2015)
    "Chrysalis." Bayou Magazine, issue 63 (Spring 2015)
    "A Small, Distant Thing." The Cave Region Review, issue 3 (Spring 2011): 9-16.

    Poetry Chapbooks:

    Twenty Gently Used and Pre-owned Poems. Gliwice, Poland: The New Formalist Press, 2012.
    Between Pit Stops at Late-night Diners: Poems. Oakland, CA: Doom-Ah Books, 2008.
    The Edge Where Atlas Stands: Poems and Translations. Oakland, CA: Doom-Ah Books, 2008.

    Poems in Anthologies:

    "A Husband’s Reassurance." Because I said so: poems on the happiness and crappiness of parenthood. Garden Grove, CA: Aortic Books, 2011. p. 14.
    "An Early Lunch at La Valencia," "Long Beach Madsong for Elizabeth," "100 Miles to One More Game of 9-Ball," and "The Edge Where Atlas Stands." Beside the City of Angels: An Anthology of Long Beach Poetry. Huntington Beach, CA: World Parade Books, 2010. pp. 177-81.

    Poems in Literary Journals:

    Dozens of poems in numerous journals, including Saint Katherine Review, Christianity and Literature, The Maine Review, The Lyric, descant, The Raintown Review, Bellowing Ark, THINK, and elsewhere.


    "The Poetics of Listing in the Old English Catalogue Poems." 113th Conference of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Portland, Oregon, November 6-8, 2015.

    "Manuscript Layout, Old English Poems, and Visual Lineation: Reassessing the Uses of Aural Verses and Visual Lines in Modern Translation." 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 8-11, 2014.

    "Editing Ælfric’s Alliterative Lives Using a-verse/b-verse Lineation." 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, May 10-13, 2012.

    "Pinning Down Ælfric’s Notion of Bellum Iustum in His Lives of Saints." Medieval Academy of America, Annual Meeting, St. Louis University, March 22-24, 2012.

    "Scribal Rhythm in Julius E.vii." (poster presentation based on the pre-conference workshop, "Making (and Theorizing) the Early Medieval Book," July 29-30). International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, Biennial Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 31- Aug 5, 2011.

    "Warnings against Pride in Three Old English Poems: Not yet Discussed Analogues between the Gifts of Men and Genesis A and B." 35th Conference of the Mid-America Medieval Association, University of Missouri at Kansas City, February 25-26, 2011.

    "The Mind as Enclosure in the Old English Gifts of Men." 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, May 13-16, 2010.

    "Ælfric’s Treatment of Land Marking in his Life of St. Oswald." 34th Conference of the Mid-America Medieval Association, Conception Abbey & Conception Seminary College, February 26-27, 2010.