Patrick Schacht, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Office Phone: (951) 552-8819
Office Location: James Building, 482
Office Hours: Walk In: Monday 9:30-12:30, Wednesday 9:30-12:30; By Appointment: Friday 9:30-11:30

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics University of California, Riverside 2013
B.S. Biochemistry Biola University 2007
  • Additional Education

    Torrey Honors Institute Member, Biola University

  • Courses Taught

    Chemistry for Nursing (CHE102 & CHE112)
    Biochemistry (CHE443 & CHE444)
    Genomics, Bioinformatics & Proteomics (BIO435)
    Student Research (CHE490)
    History of Science (HON300/HON400)

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    G Protein Signaling
    Neurospora crassa

  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Assistant, Biola University, Organic Chemistry, 2005-2008
    Teaching Assistant, University of California Riverside, Experimental Microbiology, 2013

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

    Book Chapters:
    1. Kim JD, Schacht PC, Garud A, Park G, Borkovich KA: Heterotrimeric G Proteins. In Neurospora: Genomics and Molecular Biology (1st Edition; Kasbekar DP, McCluskey K [editors]). Caister Academic Press, Norfolk England, 2013.

    Abstracts presented at national/ international meetings:
    1. Scheeff E, Pleasance E, Zhai Y, Schacht P, Dacre M, Torkamani A, Schork N, Stratton M, Futreal A, and Manning G: Predicting the Functional Impact of Somatic Mutations in Protein Kinases Using Evolutionary Constraints; RECOMB Computational Cancer Biology 2007; San Diego, CA; September 2007.
    2. Schacht PC, Borkovich KA: Studying the non receptor GEF RIC8 using Inhibitors and Suppressors in Neurospora crassa (abstr #632); 25th Fungal Genetics Conference; Asilomar, CA; March 2009.
    3. Schacht PC, Borkovich KA: Studying the G protein Regulator RIC8 using Suppressors and Chemical Inhibitors in Neurospora crassa (abstr #27); Neurospora 2010 meeting; Asilomar, CA; April 2010.
    4. Schacht PC, Borkovich KA: Evaluating the roles of the non-receptor GEF RIC8 using suppressor screens in Neurospora crassa (abstr #282); 26th Fungal Genetics Conference; Asilomar, CA; March 2011.
    5. Schacht PC, Cambell AJ, Borkovich KA: Systematic Genetic Manipulation and Analysis of Ga Protein Interactors; Neurospora 2012 meeting; Asilomar, CA; March 2012.

  • Church Membership & Activities

    Member at Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Redlands
    Young Adult Bible study leader

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Summer Undergraduate Student Research Mentor at UCR

  • Interests & Hobbies


  • Personal Philosophy

    But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15, ESV