Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
PhD English Southern Illinois University 2013
MBA Business Administration Faulkner University 2023
MSc Medieval Studies University of Edinburgh 2008

MA, English, California State University, 2005
BA, English, California State University, 2002

British Literature: Medieval, Early Modern, Romantic
Arthurian Literature
Apocalyptic and Eschatological Literature
Creative Writing: Poetics
The Great Books Model
Faith and Learning

Faulkner University, Professor of English, 2013-2023
York University, Assistant Professor of English, 2011-2013
Southern Illinois University, Graduate Assistant, 2009-2011

Excellence in Teaching, Faulkner University, 2019
Faculty of the Year, York University, 2013

Transformations, Metamorphoses and Incarnations (collection of poetry in progress)

The Lancer's Guide to Writing and Rhetoric. General editor (composition textbook in progress)

Betting on a Blue Rose (stage play in progress)

Book (Poetry):
Voices of Iona. Resource Publications, 2022.

"Christian Ducats and Jewish Scales: Religious Currency in The Merchant of Venice." The Christian Libertarian Review, 4, 2023, 1-35.

“‘No Truste For to Truste In’: Malory’s Apocalyptic Vision in Le Morte D’arthur.” An Unexpected Journal, 6:2, Spring 2023.

“It’s in the Syllabus, But…”: Effects of Instructor-Initiated Out-of-Class Communication on Student Performance.” Co-author, Leah I. Fullman. Journal of Faith and the Academy, 13:2, Fall 2020, 52-62.

 “The Epistemology of Eschatology: Medieval Problems of Knowledge and the End of Time.” ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΑ, 4:1, Spring 2016, 21-33.

Wading through Lethe by Paulette Guerin. The North American Anglican Review, August, 2023.

Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity – and Why This Harms Everybody by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay. The Journal of Faith and the Academy, 14:2, Fall 2021

The Inklings, the Victorians, and the Moderns by Christopher Butynskyi. The Journal of Faith and the Academy, 14:1, Spring 2021

The Book of Cain by Jeff Lowe. Southern Literary Review, June 2020 

Alcestis in the Underworld by Nina Murray. Southern Literary Review, May 2020

Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer by Charlene Ball. Southern Literary Review, September 2018 

Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond in Southern Literature and Culture, Eds. Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Daniel Cross Turner. Southern Literary Review, September 2016

D--- Yankees: Demonization and Defiance in the Confederate South by George Rable. Southern Literary Review, June 2016

Christianity and Literature by David Lyle Geoffrey and Gregory Maillet. Journal of Faith and the Academy, Spring 2014

“Anne Bradstreet.” American Religious History: Belief and Society through Time. Ed. Gary Scott Smith. ABC-CLIO, Dec. 2020, 1110-111.

Selected Poems:
“Jubilee.” An Unexpected Journal 5:3 (Fall 2022), 143.

“A Midwinter’s Song.” The North American Anglican Review, Winter 2021

“A Galatian Marriage.” An Unexpected Journal, Fall 2021

“Emhain Ablach.” The Mythic Circle, 43, 2021

“Trans Migration.” W-Poesis, 4.14, 2021

“Everything.” Images in Ink, Fall 2020

Writing the Apocalypse: Literary Representations of Eschatology at the End of the Middle Ages. Diss. Southern Illinois University Press, 2023.

A Forgotten Ideology: Malory’s Chivalry and the Image of the King. MSc Thesis. University of Edinburgh, 2008.

The Courtship of Allyson and Aurelius: A Medieval Romance in Verse. MA Thesis. California State University, 2005.

“A Time for Reflection: A Poetry Reading.” Professor Profile Series, Gus Nichols Library. April 27, 2023.

“‘To Whom Honor is Due’: Teaching Honors Students to Become the Next Generation of Leaders.” Christian Scholars Conference, Convener. Co-convener Andrew Jacobs. June 5-9, 2018

“Effects of Increased Instructor Initiated Out-of-Class Electronic Communication on Student Performance.” Christian Scholars Conference, Co-Author Leah I. Fullman. June 5-9, 2018

 “The Exiled Polis: The City Imagined in Augustinian Eschatology.” Southeastern Medieval Association. Nov 16-18, 2017.

“Rebellion, Socialism, and Lollardy: Piers Plowman’s Pursuit of Justice” Institute of Faith and the Academy Conference. Feb 5, 2016

“‘A Time to Plant’: Growing Faith and Liberating Learning in the Christian University.” Association of Christian Educator Preparation Programs, Faulkner University. October 30, 2015

“Harry and the Theologians: Medieval Representations of Evil in the Harry Potter Series.” 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University. May 8-11, 2014

“Adorning the Past: The King James Bible as Art, Artifact, and Argument” “To Make a Good One Better”: Symposium on the 500th Anniversary of the KJV, York College. November 8, 2011

“Glorious Gods: The Eschatology of Camelot” 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University. May 13-16, 2010

“The Sword and the Crown: The Use of Violence in Barbour’s Bruce and Hary’s Wallace.” Medieval-Renaissance Conference XXII: University of Virginia, Wise. September 18-20, 2008

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