Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Marketing University of Texas at Dallas 2012
MBA Marketing and Finance Southern Methodist University 2005
B.S. Computer Science Politehnica University of Bucharest Romania 1994

Gallan, Andrew S., Marina Girju, and Roxana
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and Marketing Research Analyses in the CPG Industry” –
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2010, Cologne, Germany "Should variety seeking be
measured at the Brand or Category level? Does it matter?" -
presented at ACR Conference 2010, Jacksonville, Florida
Delivered 100+ business presentations at various industry conferences and investor
meetings. • National Science Foundation Research Grantees
Conference, Washington, DC • Convergys Technology
Summit, Richardson, TX • Search Engine Strategies, San
Jose, CA • Comdex, Las Vegas, NV - Awarded Best Of
Comdex Award for DataScope