Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ed.M. Human Development and Psychology Harvard University, Graduate School of Education 2010
Ph.D. Developmental Science/ Human Development and Quantitative Methodology University of Maryland, College Park 2017
B.A. Business Administration Yonsei University, Korea 2008

ECH320 Cognitive Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
ECH340 Perceptual-Motor Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
ECH350 Social and Emotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
ECH370 Spiritual Development In Young Children
ECH455 Research Seminar in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Intervention
ECH495 Practicum in Early Childhood
ECH498 Early Childhood Studies Portfolio
EDU 409 Educational Psychology
EDU 509 Educational Psychology

Children's understanding of fairness; role of testimony on children's moral development

San Jose State University

[Selected Publications]

Noh, J. Y., Jambon, M., Smetana, J., Lee, I. J., & Killen, M. (2020). Children’s evaluations of necessary harm: The role of maternal disapproval and peer relationship status. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly: Journal of Developmental Psychology, 66(2), 145-173.

Noh, J. Y. (2020). Children’s developing understanding of merit in a distributive justice context. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 29(5), 1484-1492. doi:10.1007/s10826-019-01606-2

Noh, J. Y., D’Esterre, A.P., & Killen, M. (2019). Effort or outcome? Children’s meritorious decisions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 178, 1-14. DOI:10.1016/j.jecp.2018.09.005

Hitti, A., Elenbaas, L., Noh, J. Y., Cooley, S., Rizzo, M., & Killen, M. (2019). Children’s and adolescents’ inter-ethnic inclusion and exclusion regarding Asian and non-Asian American peer. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 1-20.

Noh, J. Y., & Killen, M. (2018). Understanding young children’s moral judgments in regard to testimony information. International Journal of Early Childhood Education, 24(1), 1-17

Noh, J. Y., Elenbaas, L. M., Park, K. J., Chung, Y. S., & Killen, M. (2017). Opinion versus knowledge: The influence of testimony format on children’s judgments in morally relevant contexts. Early Education and Development, 28(2), 240-254.

Smith, C. E., Noh, J. Y., Rizzo, M. T., & Harris, P. L. (2017). When and why parents prompt their children to apologize: The roles of transgression type and parenting style. Journal of Family Studies, 23(1), 38-61.

Midgette, A., Noh, J. Y., Lee, I. J., & Nucci, L. (2016). The development of Korean children’s and adolescents’ concepts of social convention. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 47(7), 918-928.

Dongshin Church (Fullerton, CA)

I love spending time with my family; I am married to my wonderful husband since 2009 and we have one daughter.
I also enjoy painting and traveling around the world.

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.