Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Applied Theology (North American Missions emphasis) Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 12/2022
M.S. Christian Studies Calvary Theological Seminary 05/2009
B.S. Biblical Studies Calvary University 05/2007

CITI Certification. (2020 - Present). I have been approved to conduct Social-Behavioral-Educational research.

ICS 105 - Introduction to Global Studies
ICS 205 - Global Discipleship
ICS 305 - Global Christianity
ICS 330 - Missiology
ICS 410 - Global and Urban Ministry

Previous Semesters:
ICS 205 - Discipleship Methods
ICS 405 - Marketplace Strategies for Global Advancement
ICS 410 - Global and Urban Ministry
ICS 431 - Cross-Cultural Immersion

Chicano Studies, Community Cultural Wealth, Ethnic Conciliation, Global Missions, Missiology, Misión Integral, Systematic Theology, and Urban Apologetics.

Adjunct Professor at Calvary Bible College (2009-2012)

- Contemporary Theology
- Biblical Philosophy of Urban Ministry
- Intro to Urban Ministry
- Survey of Theology
- Systematic Theology I, II, & III
- Urban Apologetics
- Urban Church Planting

2022 Are You Good with God? revised and expanded edition of G.O.S.P.E.L. (Moody Publishers)
2021 When the Universe Cracks: Living as God’s People in Times of Crisis (NavPress), contributing author for chapter titled, “The Current Season of Crisis”
2021 The Gospel Project: Paul in Prison (Lifeway Press), contributing author of two chapters
2021 The Gospel Project: Facing Adversity (Lifeway Press), contributing author of two chapters
2020 For God So Loved the World: A Blueprint for Kingdom Diversity (B&H Academic), contributing author of chapter titled, "Apologetics in Twenty-First Century Evangelicalism"
2019 Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World (NavPress)
2018 Islam and North America: Loving our Muslim Neighbors (B&H Academic), contributing author for the chapter titled, “Getting
to Know You: How Can I Explore and Appreciate Other Culture(s) Across the Street”
2017 To the One Who Conquers: Teen Bible Study: Freedom from Sin through the Revelation of Christ (Lifeway Press)
2017 Letters of the Revelation: To the One Who Conquers (Lifeway Press)
2017 Authentic Love: Christ, Culture, and the Pursuit of Purity (Lifeway Press)
2016 The Gospel Project: God Among Us: A Gospel Exploration of Jesus’ Ministry (Lifeway Press)
2016 Bound to Be Free: Escaping Performance to be Captured by Grace (NavPress)
2016 Gospel for Life: Racial Reconciliation, (B&H Publishing), contributing author for the chapter titled, “What Does the Culture Say”
2012 DNA: Foundations of the Faith (Moody Publishers)
2011 G.O.S.P.E.L. (Moody Publishers)

2021 “The Cross and Ethnic Conciliation”, The Urban Hope Conference (Virtually Presented February 2021)
2021 CRT: Finding Clarity for the Christian” on Equipped with Chris Brooks, Moody Radio (February 2021)
2020 “Ethnic Conciliation: Reframing the Conversation on Race in America”, Doctoral of Social Work Presentation, California Baptist University (December 2020).
2020 “Urban Islam: Assessing the Moorish Science Temple, Nation of God’s and Earths, and Nation of Islam”, The Evangelical Theological Society (November 2020)
2020 "Otra Vez: What Does Ethnic Conciliation Look Like". The Immigration Coalition National Conference, (Virtually Presented, October 2020)
2020 “Embracing our Kingdom Ethnicity”, Ed Stetzer Live (August 2020) Moody Radio
2020 "Holistic and Locally Present Engagement: A Near-Term Analysis". The Send Institute: Leading the Church in the Post COVID-19 Era, (Virtually Presented, June 2020)
2020 "Gospel Clarity and Church Revitalization" and "Breaking Down Walls to Build up the Church". Revitalize: Church Revitalization Conference, (Virtually Presented May 2020)
2020 “Founder’s Week 2020 – D.A. Horton”, Moody Radio (February 2020)
2020 “Intensional” on Chris Fabry Live!, Moody Radio (February 2020)
2020 “Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divide World”, Equipped with Chris Brooks, Moody Radio (January 2020)
2019 "Making Your Marriage a Picture of the Gospel" with Elicia Horton Pts 1 &2, Focus on the Family (July 2019)
2018 “Fighting For a Gospel-Saturated Marriage” with Elicia Horton, Family Life Today Radio (September 2018)
2018 “F.E.A.R.” with Elicia Horton, Family Life Today Radio (September 2018)
2018 “The Weight of Debt” with Elicia Horton, Family Life Today Radio (September 2018)
2018 “Enter the Ring” with Elicia Horton, Chris Fabry Live!, Moody Radio (January 2018)
2017 “How Can Churches Become More Multicultural or Multiethnic?”, The Gospel Coalition (October 2017)
2017 “Freedom in Christ”, In the Market, Moody Radio (June 2017)
2017 “The Most Common Misconception about Urban Church Planting”, The Gospel Coalition (March 2017)
2017 “What About the Minority Experience in America Do White Christians Often Miss?”, The Gospel Coalition (January 2017)
2016 “Biggest Challenge in Reaching Unbelievers in Urban Areas”, The Gospel Coalition (November 2016)
2016 “Bound to Be Free”, Chris Fabry Live!, Moody Radio (October 2016)
2016 “Serving in the Power of the Gospel”, Today in the Word, Moody Radio (October 2016)
2016 “For the City – Race, Urban Ministry, and Cultural Engagement”, The ERLC National Conference (August 2016)
2016 “Viewing Black Lives Matter”, 4-part series on, “The Exchange with Ed Stetzer”, Christianity Today (February 2016)
2015 “D.A. Horton on Christians and Black Lives Matter”, Moody Radio Cleveland (November 2015)
2015 “Apologetics in an Urban Setting”, The Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement (October 2015)
2015 “What is Urban?”, The Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement (October 2015)
2015 “Millennials, Hip Hop and Apologetics”, The Jude 3 Project (September 2015)
2015 “Urban Apologetics for the Urban Church”, Urban Theologian Radio (August 2015)
2015 “Diversity, Unity, and Transparency”, Chris Fabry Live! (July 2015)
2015 Church Planting, Contextualization, and Urban Ministry, “The Exchange with Ed Stetzer” (July 2015)
2015 “Winning a church to Mission”, For the Church (July 2015)
2015 “Churches Looking like their Neighborhoods”, For the Church (July 2015)
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2021 “A Missiological Assessment of Critical Race Theory”, a four-part missiological interaction with CRT, “The Exchange with Ed Stetzer”, Christianity Today (March 2021)
2019 “Obedience as Kingdom Citizens”, The Call, CBU School of Christian Ministries (October 2019)
2018 “Remember, We Are Family”, Outreach Magazine (November 2018)
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2014 “Christians Should Deal with Christians Before Dissin’ the Clippers”, The Christian Post (May 2014)
2014 “Nine Marks of Prosperity Gospel Church”, Nine Marks Journal (Winter 2014)

2021 Exponential | Virtual Panel - A Different Fluence: From Christendom to Secularity with: Glenn Smith, D.A. Horton, Jeff Christopherson, and Jessie Cruickshank
2020 The Send Institute Think Tank | Virtual Presentation - Church Planting Manifesto with: Linda Berquist and Scott Moreau
2019 Epiphany Panel | Riverside, CA - Race and Ethnicity from a Biblical Perspective with: Dr. Doug Wallace, Dr. Dhati Lewis, and Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty
2019 Love Like You Mean It Panel | Belize City, Belize - Seasons of Drifting with: Voddie Baucham, Juli Slattery, Elicia Horton, and Ron Deal
2019 Love Like You Mean It Panel | Belize City, Belize - Frustrations with Intimacy with: Voddie Baucham, Juli Slattery, Elicia Horton, and Ron Deal
2019 City Conversations Panel | Little Rock, AR - City Conversations: Conversations about God, Life, and Faith in the City with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.
2018 SBC Baptist 21 Panel United and Diverse: Critical Issues for our Cooperative Future with: Russell Moore, Matt Chandler, Al Mohler, Kevin Smith, Trillia Newbell, & Danny Akin
2018 SBC NAMB Panel Undivided Panel with: Dhati Lewis, Jose Abella, Kevin Smith, and Ed & Kathy Litton
2016 The ERLC National Conference Every Square Inch: How Cultural Engagement Intersects with Everyday Life with: Trevin Wax, Daniel Patterson, Matthew Lee Anderson, Jackie Hill-Perry, and Jared Wilson
2015 The Gospel and Politics The Pastor and Politics with: Dr. J.D. Greear, Pastor Matt Carter, and Pastor Jim Scroggins
2015 The ERLC Summit: Racial Reconciliation The State of Racial Reconciliation in America: Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Your Community with: Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. Robert P. George, and Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile
2015 The ERLC Summit: Racial Reconciliation Gospel-Centered Racial Reconciliation with: H.B. Charles Jr., Juan Sanchez, and Josh Smith
2014 ReThinking Mercy with: Al Mohler
2014 The ERLC National Conference The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage with: Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Robert Sloan, and Dr. Russell Moore
2014 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Legacy Church Planting with: Dr. Jason Allen, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor John Mark Clifton, and Steve Brighton
2013 The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission The Church, Neglected Children, and Biblical Justice with: Dr. Russell Moore, Pastor Tyrone Barnett, and Pastor Johnny Carr
2012 The Send North America Conference Issues in Urban Church Planting with: Pastor Dhati Lewis and Pastor Ellis Prince

2019 Woo Marriage, Lifeway Resources
2017 Control, RightNow Media
2015 The Discipleship Toolkit, Urban Youth Workers Institute
2015 Awaken, RightNow Media
2014 Life on Mission, with David Platt, RightNow Media

The Grove Community Church (Riverside, CA); Associate Teaching Pastor

The And (&) Campaign. (2020 - Present). Advisory Board Member
The Send Institute. (2020 - Present). Advisory Board Member
The National Association of Evangelicals Board Member (2023)

I have been married to my best friend Elicia for 20 years. We have three kids Bella, Lola, and Duce. We enjoy going to Dodgers games, traveling, and eating good food at local spots.

"So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us." - 1 Thessalonians 2:8