Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Education University of California at Riverside 2011
M.S. Accounting Liberty University
MBA Management California Baptist University 2003
B.S. Accounting University of Southern California

ACC 250 - Principles of Accounting 1
ACC 251 - Principles of Accounting 2
ACC 310 - Intermediate Accounting 1
ACC 311 - Intermediate Accounting 2
ACC 320 - Cost Accounting
ACC 350 - Financial Accounting 1
ACC 351 - Financial Accounting 2
ACC 430 - Federal Income Tax Accounting
ACC 470 - Auditing
ACC 501 - Foundations of Accounting & Finance
ACC 510 - Contemporary Issues in Auditing and Assurance
ACC 540 - Advanced Topics in Financial Accounting
ACC 550 - Ethics & Professional Responsibilities for CPAs
BUS 217 - Microeconomics
BUS 303 - Business Finance
BUS 485 - Business Policy & Strategy
BUS 500 - Survey of Business
BUS 539 - Financial Management
BUS 542 - Quantitative Business Modeling
BUS 547 - Strategic Management
BUS 598 - Business Simulation Capstone
BUS 705 - DBA Orientation Residency
BUS 730 - Financial Analysis for Decision Making

Higher Education Finance
Non-profit Organizations

Riverside Community College
-ACC 1A - Principles of Accounting 1
-ACC 55 - Applied Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Browning, J. (2010b, February). Panel discussion on small business management. Symposium conducted at the Riverside Opportunity Center's Conference for Small Business Owners, Riverside, CA.

Browning, J. (2009, September 28). CPA candidates can expect an additional year of college. The Business Press, 15(39), 9.

Browning, J. (2008, August). Building professionalism in our students. Symposium conducted at the annual faculty retreat for California Baptist University, Riverside, CA.

Browning, J. (2006, May). Advanced budgeting. Seminar conducted at the annual conference for the National Association of Church Business Administrators, Riverside, CA.

Browning, J. (2004, March). Martha Stewart: Victim or criminal? Seminar conducted at the Inland Empire Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountant's technical meeting, Riverside, CA.

Eagle Ridge Church
-Women's Ministry
-Married Couple's Ministry

Inland Empire Chapter of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants - Board Member, Director of Student Relations

Certified Management Accountant Exam - Exam grader for the essay portion of the exam

I enjoy a wide range of activities including motocross, camping, home improvements, crafting, and quilting.