Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
D.M.A. Music/conducting/orchestral Claremont Graduate University 1995
M.Ed. Conducting/Harpsichord Bowling Green State University 1986
M.M. Orchestral Conducting Bowling Green State University 1986
B.M. Piano Performance Auburn University 1982

Arts/Piano and voice
Enterprise State Junior College

Postgraduate work with the University of Wisconsin Opera

Music Theory I
Music theory III
Humanities (Core)
Humanities Lab
Ear Training Lab
Piano (Applied Lessons)
Class Piano I and II
Music History II and III
Opera Literature
Opera History
Orchestral Literature
Piano Literature
History of the Violin
Piano Pedagogy
Violin Pedagogy

*Application of keyboard in orchestral works
*String Ensembles
*Music Research
*Music of the Church
*German language

15th and 16th century music of the theater

Shakespearean Music
Her research areas include performance practice (studying 16th century Shakespearean instrumental music), theater (presenting authentic play music for play productions) and chamber music (presentations of Marini violin sonatas). She has recently submitted materials for presentation and publication to the C. S. Lewis Foundation and the American Theater Communications Group. She has also presented at the College Music Society.

Guest Conductor:
*Loyola Marymount University
*University of Arizona (Flagstaff)
*University of California-Riverside
*Mount San Jacinto College

Conversational German:
*Pomona College

Music of Shakespeare
Illuminated Chant
Piano as an orchestral instrument
Research and Presence: A guide to Musical Manuscripts

St. Catherine's of Alexandria
Volunteer and Sunday School instructor

Accompanist at Hillsong Baptist Church

Volunteer at Martin Luther King High School
Golf team
AP testing

Volunteer pianist and music teacher for Riverside Unified School District

Golf, hiking, swimming and travel

"Music is 10 percent talent and 90 percent hard work." - Beverly Sills, opera singer

Divine teaching, ethical service and loving kindness, these are the pillars the ancients taught us.