Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering University of California, Berkeley 2004
M.S. Materials Science and Engineering University of California, Berkeley 2001
B.S. Ceramic Engineering Alfred University 1996

The Bethlehem Institute (Seminary-level training at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN)

Physics for Engineers I and II (PHY201 and PHY203)
General Physics I and II (PHY114 and PHY124)
Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications (EGR182)
Engineering from a Christian Worldview (EGR101)
Physics I Lab (PHY214L)
Physics for Architects (PHY115)

Dr. Chediak regularly publishes on the challenges young adults face as they enter society. He's interested in the intersection between faith, culture, and the work force.

Dr. Chediak's technical interests include semiconductors, MEMS, biomedical devices, thin films, and physics education research.

University of California at Berkeley (Summer 2008)
University of Northwestern (2005–2007)


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Dr. Chediak has been married to Marni since 2004. They have three children. Their hobbies include hiking, traveling, reading books, and watching periodic drama and other movies set in historical contexts. Dr. Chediak maintains a personal website and blog at

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“Electricity is often called wonderful, beautiful; but it is so only in common with the other forces of nature. The beauty of electricity or of any other force is not that the power is mysterious, and unexpected, touching every sense at unawares in turn, but that it is under law, and that the taught intellect can even govern it largely. The human mind is placed above, and not beneath it, and it is in such a point of view that the mental education afforded by science is rendered super-eminent in dignity, in practical application and utility; for by enabling the mind to apply the natural power through law, it conveys the gifts of God to man.” –Michael Faraday