Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ed.D. Educational Leadership La Sierra University 2010
M.S. Education California Baptist University 2003
B.A. Liberal Studies - English California Baptist University 1999

Dr. Mary Ann Pearson has more than 30 years of experience in leadership, journalism, public relations, and education. Mary Ann holds an Ed.D. in Education with an emphasis in Leadership and Administration from La Sierra University. She has been a professor of Communication Arts at CBU for 17 years and is a fellow for the Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute at California Baptist University. Dr. Pearson has worked in public relations specializing in marketing and PR campaigns in property management, real estate, and nonprofit work Dr. Pearson’s research interests and expertise include mentoring, shared leadership, followership, psychological safety, generative dialogue, work-life balance, and coping with adversity. She uses qualitative research methods to explore and understand these phenomena in various contexts, such as academia, media, and organizations. She aims to promote servant, shared, and transformational leadership as well as create mentoring cultures, all while helping others overcome adversity and achieve their potential through the application of the adversity quotient and emotional intelligence frameworks.

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
Administrative Services Credential
Communications Courses, Public Relations and Journalism
Reading Specialist Certificate
College Media Advisers Certification for Adviser Training Student Publications
APR Accreditation through PRSA

Leadership Ph.D. Courses
Advanced Qualitative Research
Culture and Sociology of Organization
Communications Master’s and Bachelor’s courses
Public Relations Master’s and Bachelor’s courses
Journalism Courses
Education Courses

Emotional Intelligence
Shared Leadership
Adversity Quotient
Conflict Resolution
Mentoring Circles and Building a Culture of Mentoring
Servant and Transformational Leadership
Mentoring- Building Effective Mentoring Programs and Relationships
Podcasting Effectiveness
Committee Member: Harris, T. (2018). Employee Engagement: The Path to Understanding Public Sector Millennials
Committee Member: Vandiver, L. (2020). Expressing a Political Agenda through Social Media: A Content Analysis of Representative Pete Aguilar’s #DearPete Social Media Campaign
Social Media Direction- Working with Measurable Objectives and Return of Investment
Effective Communication with Millennials and Generation Z
Educational Research with Online and Hybrid Platforms
Journalism/Writing Instruction
Leadership Presence
Ethics in Communication
Work Life Balance
Boosting Accreditation in Public Relations
Literacy and English Proficiency
Transformational Leadership Teams

Numerous Leadership, public relations and journalism training sessions and workshops
Fontana Christian School
Colton Joint Unified School District (Cooley Ranch Elementary School)
Tutoring at Innovative Intellects
Teaches Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, English courses online, hybrid and on-ground
Associated Collegiate Press
College Media Advisers
Public Relations Society of America
California Public Information Officials

Doctoral Dissertation Committee Work (Listed Below)

Dr. Kathryn Grimble, Critical Considerations: CRT Professional Development and Principal Decision Making 2022
Dr. Afarah Board, The Phenomenon of Blacks Emerging Out of Poverty into Prominent Leadership Positions 2022

Pearson, M. Vanderslice, G., O'Rourke, M. Increase Leadership Capacity: Improve Communication With Mentoring Communities and the Honeycomb Leadership Development Model.Public Relations Society of America national webinar, July 2022
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Pearson, M. Inspiring Wisdom through Mentoring and Leadership in a Student Publication Team Setting., International Leadership Association, October, 2022
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Pearson, M. Mentoring in a Hybrid, Pandemic Environment with an Understanding of the Adversity Quotient, Peer-Reviewed publication and conference, October, 2021
O' Rourke, M., Pearson, M. and Vanderslice, G., Strategies for Challenging Communication and Instruction, PRSA National webinar, August, 2021
Pearson, M. Boot Camp, Ethics in PR presented for PRSA National, May, 2021
Brodie, V., Pearson, M. Emotional Intelligence and Adversity Quotient. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. April, 2021
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Pearson, M., "Podcasting on a Shoestring Budget" Webinar, Public Relations Society of America, June, 2020
Pearson, M., Brodie, V. Ethics, Communication for Impact,
Presentation, City of Moreno Valley, March, 2020
Brodie, V., Pearson, M. (2020) Communicating for Impact. City of San Jacinto. San Jacinto, CA, July 22.
Pearson, M. (2020) How to Create a Podcast on a Shoestring Budget. Online Webinar, Riverside, Ca. June 17.
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Pearson, M.(2018) “Personal Branding Projects” Hawaii International Conference on Educations
Pearson, M.(2017) “Establishing a Mentoring Culture to help Diverse, Millennial First Generation Graduates Achieve Success” International Mentoring Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, October
Pearson, M. (2017) “Teaching Public Relations Students to succeed by Writing Letters and Notes” PRSA International Conference, Boston, MA. October
Pearson, M.. (2017) “Millennials in the Workplace” California Public Information Officials Conference, San Diego, Ca. April
Pearson, M. (2017) “Building Networking and Public Relations Skills” PRSSA Meeting, Cal State San Bernardino, April
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Pearson, M. (2014) Online Mentoring for Internships, International Mentoring Association Publication for Albuquerque, New Mexico Conference Pearson, M. “Build a Personal Brand” Riverside County fiscal and administrative managers, October, 2014
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Ahumada, E. and Pearson, M. “Public Service, Personal Branding and Motivation,” Office of Aging, Riverside County, California December, 2013

Centerpoint Church Colton

Leadership Quotient at the County of San Bernardino probation training session on March 3
Girl Scouts of America, Troop 960
Grab That Job Online Seminar and Workshop, Centerpoint Church, Colton, March-May 2020
Mentoring Program for CBU Public Relations students to study and successfully pass the exam for Principles of Public Relations Certification
Fellow Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute, California Baptist University
President of PRSA IE in 2015 and Board Member 2013-2021
Hispanic Family Literacy Program
Colton Joint Unified School District’s Superintendent’s Council
Creative Writing Courses
Tutoring-Community Based Tutoring Firm
Volunteer- Give Big Riverside County
Volunteer- Girl Scouts of America
Volunteer- International Mentoring Association
Board Member Educators Academy PRSA 2017- 2022
Assembly Delegate PRSA 2019
Director PRSSA for PRSA Inland Empire Chapter
Judge for Bronze Anvil Award 2017-2022
Judge for Capio Awards 2017-2020
Western District Chapter of PRSA Communications Co-Chair 2021=2022

Family and Cycling

Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

- James 1:12, NASB