Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Mythological Studies - Emphasis in World Literature Pacifica Graduate Institute 2010
M.A. Composition/Rhetoric California State University, San Bernardino 1989
M.A. English Literature with emphasis in poetry, creative writing, multicultural literature, global literature, classic literature California Baptist University 2005

B.A. Education; California Baptist University, 1972

ENG 103
ENG 113
ENG 123
ENG 201
ENG 213
ENG 223
ENG 253
ENG 263
ENG 273
ENG 303
ENG 313
ENG 314
ENG 343
ENG 350
ENG 365
ENG 373
ENG 383
ENG 384
ENG 385
ENG 399
ENG 401
ENG 430
ENG 499
ENG 500
ENG 501
ENG 503
ENG 510
ENG 514
ENG 515
ENG 519
ENG 525
ENG 530
ENG 540
ENG 542
ENG 545
ENG 557
ENG 570
ENG 575
ENG 576
ENG 594
ENG 596
ENG 599
ENG 597
ENG 598

Composition and Rhetoric
War Literature
English Literature
Creative Writing
Classical Mythology
Comparative Mythology
Multicultural Literature
Global Literature
Holocaust Literature
Master's thesis preparation guidance
Curricula Development

Similar classes at Riverside Community College, San Bernardino Valley College, and Crafton Hills Community College

"Zhang Yi-moi and the Use of Color and Camera as Emotional Evocater." Asian Cinema Centennial, Beijing/Shanghai China, 2005.

The use of specialized software in the composition classroom and the impact of technology on pedagogical heuristics. This research included the training for and the development of ENG 123 (Intermediate Composition: Research and Writing) as an online course for CBU. 2010

Presentation for CBU Fall Faculty Retreat 2009: "The Elephant in the Classroom: Objections to Technology and Recognizing the Commonalities among Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Online Teaching."

Maximizing the efficient use of composition instruction software for the purpose of improving student outcomes across the curriculum, including all CBU university schools and colleges. 2011

Tolstoy's Epic Kaleidoscope: Archetype, Mythomorphing and the Hero's Journey 2011

The Sciences and Humanities Continuum Equilibrium: A Polemic of Symbiosis with Special Emphasis on Literature presented Oxford 2019

Teaching Teachers to Teach STRETCH Composition: A Primer, published 2019, revised 2022

CBU Creative Writers Anthology of Long Short Stories, to be published December 2022 and Just Sayin: Fifty Poems Originating in the Soul, to be published December 2022.

Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland (Pastor - Dr. Chris Morgan)
Small Group Host
Ladies Ministry

Local government
Mentoring minors
Lay counseling

Classic Film
Creative Writing

"To the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'" Matthew 25:40b, NASB