Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology University of Nevada, Reno 2018
M.A. Anthropology California State University, Fullerton 2007
B.A. Intercultural Studies Biola University 2002

Certification, Gender Race and Identity Studies, University of Nevada, Reno
Certification, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Biola University
2022 CITI Certification – Research Regulations for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Online.

Cultural Anthropology
Personality and Culture
Globalization and Culture
Economic and Political Anthropology
Anthropology and Film
Language and Culture
Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
Religion and Culture
Kinship and Family
Theories of Anthropology
Health and Holistic Healing (Intro to Medical Anthropology)
Applied, Engaged, Activist Anthropology
Overseas Prep Courses; Cross-Cultural Development
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Psychology
Survey of Behavioral Sciences
Foundational Skills in Behavioral Science (Reading and Writing for the Behavioral Sciences)
Research Methods in Behavioral Science
Marginalized Populations, MSW Program
Global Human Rights, MSW Program
Advisor, Mentor DSW Program

Immigration and Migration Studies and Policy
Migration and Labor
Israel, Jewish Culture; Latin American Culture
Transnational Anthropology, Globalization
Gender, Race, and Identity Studies
Urban Anthropology
Medical Anthropology

Adjunct Professor, Orange Coast College (2008-2012)
Adjunct Professor, Biola University (2002-2003)

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Publication. 2020 “The impact of trauma-informed educational support groups on increasing self-efficacy: Standing together for health in Malawi” co-authored with C. Minton-Ryan, A. Gamez, & J. Goodman-Bowling. International Journal of Social Policy and Education. 2020, 2, (9)
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Publication. 2015 "Response to E. Klayman's 'Exploring our Responsibility for Earth's Resources: Shaping an Eco-Ethilogical Approach'" in Kesher: A Journal for Messianic Judaism, Fall 2015

Paper Presentation: "Response to E. Klayman's 'Exploring our Responsibility for Earth's Resources: Shaping an Eco-Ethilogical Approach'" Hashivenu, January 2014
Paper Presentation: "Purity and Pollution: Transitional Practices of Halakha" Young Messianic Jewish Scholars' Conference, January 2013
Presentation: "Resilience and Recovery," California Baptist University, guest lecture, October 2011.
Paper Presentation: "Assimilation, Identity, and the Immigrant Experience" Society for Applied Anthropology, March 2011.
Paper Presentation: "The Changing Landscape of Gush Katif, Gaza" Southwest Anthropological Association Conference, April 2010; Published, 2010
Paper Presentation: "Identity Formation Among Immigrant Workers in the Garment District of Los Angeles, Abbreviated" California Baptist University Faculty Colloquium, April 2010
Presentation of Joint Research. "Impacts of Immigration and Labor Choice on Reproductive Decision Making" Southwest Anthropological Association, April 2009.
Paper Presentation: "Acculturation among Immigrant Workers in the Garment District of Los Angeles," Southwest Anthropological Association Conference, April 2008. Published 2008.
Paper Presentation: "Organizational Anthropology: Overview and Case Studies" Southwestern Anthropological Association Conference, April 2006
Paper Presentation: "Cultural Expressions of Worship" Young Scholar's Conference: New York, June 2006

Presentation. "Gender Identity and Culture" Breakout. Intersect Conference, Gateway Seminary. Riverside, November 2023.
Presentation. "The Struggle is Real: The Power of Culture" Keynote Address. Intersect Conference, Gateway Seminary, Riverside, November 2023.
Presentation. “DSW Professional Panel: The Doctoral Journey” DSW Residency, California Baptist University, Riverside, December 2022
Presentation. “Qualitative Data Collection: Application for Behavioral Sciences” Reading and Writing for Behavioral Sciences Guest Lecture, California Baptist University, Riverside, November 2022
Presentation. Podcast Guest: Visions and Voices on Global Issues by the World Affairs Council Inland SoCal. Hosted by Ron Osborn. “Cultural Anthropology and (Im)Migration,” January 2022.
Presentation. “Medical Anthropology: An Introduction and Application” First Year Nursing Collaborative, California Baptist University, Riverside, California, November 2022
Presentation. “Graduation Remarks: CBSS Graduates” Encouragement and photo presentation for CBSS graduates, California Baptist University, Riverside, California, May, 2020
Presentation. “From Fear to Faith: Standing Strong” Sisterhood Luncheon, Ben David Messianic Congregation, Orange County, California December 2019
Presentation. “Engaging the High Holidays through the practice of Hitbodedut/Biblical Meditation” Sisterhood Luncheon, Ben David Messianic Congregation, Orange County, California September 2019

Grace Fellowship Church
Home Fellowship

Community Center, Irvine
Family and Community Enthusiast

I love being wife and home-schooling mama of three amazing children, a speaker and teacher for churches and community organizations, and author. Traveling is a major interest as I always enjoy seeing the diversity of people and cultures as unique and beautifully creative! Dance, reading, poetry, baking and essential oiling are all favorite pastimes... especially with my family!

Isaiah 41:10 "So do not fear..."

Higher education is a gift that we should not take for granted; it is a great privilege. Students and faculty are equally responsible for creating learning environments which foster collaboration, respect, mutual understanding, and engagement. I'm a firm believer in learning together and enjoy every opportunity to co-create unique, challenging learning opportunities inside and out of the classroom. I love my job and consider it an awesome privilege to be at CBU!