Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction La Sierra University 2005
M.A. Curriculum and Teaching Michigan State University 1998
B.S. Sociology/Psychology Concordia Teachers College 1965

CA Reading Certificate
ESL Certification
Leadership Training
Supervision, and Group Dynamics

EDU 505
EDU 516
EDU 512
EDU 302
EDU 542
EDU 580
EDU 543
EDU 533
SPE 590
EDU 536

Classroom Teaching and Supervision
Research of Current Educational Best Practices
Brain compatible Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Development
Integration of Faith and Learning
Study of Third Culture Persons
Leadership as a Teacher Leader
Sociology of Education

California Baptist University 1998-Present
International School Bangkok K-12, 1987-1998
Faith Academy Philippines - Teaching/Missionary Work as well as Running a Foster Care/Adoption Organization, 1970-1980
Elementary Teaching K-6, 1965-1970

2016- Botswana, Africa: Botswana Africa Teacher's Seminar Growth Mindset in International School Setting
I was the keynote speaker and designed the Botswana Educator's seminar on Growth Mindset and current best teaching practices. The Seminar was attended by approximately 100 local Botswanian teachers including a teacher from the International School in the area. As an off shoot of this seminar, we were also asked to speak at the local international school on Growth Mindset. The purpose of the educational seminar was to serve as a community service to the people in the area of the Gaberonone Community Chapel church.

Culture Shock and reentry into Home culture –
CBU January 2020 presented for Study Abroad faculty

Conferences/Symposiums attended:

Conference: Implementation of Social Studies Framework - 2020
March 6, 2019: Brain - Friendly Strategies to Accelerate English Language Development - Spencer Kagen
March 23, 2019: SCPDS: Reimagining Equity in School-University Partnerships
May 20, 2019: 2nd Annual Symposium on Infant and Toddler Mental Health
April 3, 2019: Assessment Myths: An Engaging Overview of Best Practices by Tami Eggleston, PhD
September 11, 2019: Leadership Institute: Introduction to Leadership
October 2, 2019: New Instructional Model to Increase Student Ownership (Student Led Teams)
Dec 12, 2019: Rethinking Equity and Inclusive Classrooms - ASCD Webinar
Continues research for course content and revisions in order to keep curriculum current
Seasons of Life: Called to be Faithful and Finish Well
Grace Lutheran Church – Riverside CA (October, 2015)
English Language Institute for Arabic and Farsi Speakers/Middle Eastern Immigrants (May-August 2015)
In-service for Teaching ELD students
Riverside Christian School, Riverside CA (June 2015)
Sherman Indian High School Collaboration for CBU Reading Program
Sherman Indian High School Reading In-Service Presentation (February, 2015)
Women in Ministry: Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
Faith Lutheran, Riverside CA (April 2011)
Presentation on Missions and Faith Academy
Faith Lutheran (2010)
Assessment In-service for Riverside Christian High School
Assessment Tools/Types and Maximum Learning (April 2010)
Reentry Presentation for Rwandan Students
California Baptist University (May, 2010)
Third Culture Kids and Adults - Association of Christian Schools International and at International Teacher Conferences

Hawaii International Conference on Education (Hawaii, January, 2009) Using Action Research to Develop Effective Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education: A Developmental Portfolio Assessment Model Based on original action research project which stemmed out of assessment results and portfolio development inquiries.
Peace Lutheran Church- Corona Women’s Ministry The 21st Century Woman This presentation was based on history of Christian women through past to current times. It was geared for professional women as they struggle with issues of blending spiritual, family and professional lives into a godly lifestyle.
Families in Global Transition – FIGT (Houston, March, 2009) Cross Culture Transitions: Measurable and Healthy Transition Processes Based on original research concerning adaptation issues related to cross culture transitions and the benefits of using a transition rubric to guide transition progress.
Families in Global Transition – FIGT (Houston, March, 2009) Cracker Barrel Session: Cross Culture Transitions: Measurable and Healthy Transition Progress This session enlarged upon current research concerning how to help TCPs though cross cultural transition utilizing research based transition rubric concerning adaptation issues.
Families in Global Transition – FIGT (Houston, March, 2009) Researchers’ Forum A core group of researchers (including myself as researcher) described and discussed their recent research studies focusing on common themes and novel findings. The purpose of the workshop was to identify the most urgent applicability to the field of families in global transition.

Faith Lutheran Church - Riverside
Active Member Bible Class
Member Alter Guild
Member Lutheran Women's Missional League - Support Lutheran mission endeavors around the nation and in international settings
(In past have taught Bible classes, Sunday School, led Women's Ministries, and have been involved in Mission Ministries for 25 years while living in SE Asia.)

Presenting In-service ELD Education for Christian schools/teachers
Tutoring for Second Language Learners
Presented workshop at CBU Faculty Workshop
ACSI Presentation
Attend community meetings and events when possible.
Support/ care for elderly people especially during COVID 19 shut down time

Book: Family Folklore - 100 stories about my family over the past 100 years
Domestic/ International Travel
Home improvement projects
Hosting guests in our home
Reading and Studying
Attending Concerts / Sports Events
Visiting interesting attractions such as National Parks, Mountains

He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the LORD require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

-Micah 6:8, NASB