Welcome to Foodology!


Foodology has a modern, urban atmosphere with digital menu monitors and a high-tech ordering system, yet our speedy service doesn't compromise our farm-fresh food.

Farm Fresh Menu

Foodology is taking a modern approach to farm fresh ingredients. Our food—including our homemade marinades, sauces, dressings and spreads—is prepared simply, with as little processing as possible, to let the flavors stand on their own. We focus on promoting health and wellness without sacrificing taste! It’s fresh, fast, flavorful! 

Provider Food Services works hand-to-hand with our suppliers to provide regular deliveries of the freshest California products possible concentrating on sourcing local produce within 300 miles of our location. 

Foodology also proudly brews Starbucks coffee and beverages, which pair perfectly with one of our fresh bakery treats.

In a hurry? Our fresh Grab 'n' Go salads and sandwiches are offered daily in the display cooler to the right of the cashier.

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Weekly Menu 

For Foodology's weekly menu please click HERE.