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 resources icon Informational Resources

5 Ways Exercise Improves Mental Health Handout
Surprising benefits of exercise for your psychological well-being.

8 Food Choices That Will Improve Your Mood Handout
Surprising ways food can boost your mood.

Anxiety Handout 
What anxiety is, who's affected and how to cope.

Anxiety Toolbox Presentation
Excellent information regarding anxiety and how to manage your response to it.

Behavioral Health: What is It? Handout
Answers your questions about mental health, when to consult a therapist, how to help a friend, and more.

Behavioral Health FAQ Handout
How to manage your mental health during unusual times of stress.

Chronic Pain and Mental Health Handout 
Causes, effects, and self-care for chronic pain sufferers.

Depression Handout
It's more than just being sad.

Discovering Hope: Dealing with Depression Presentation
Depression impacts how we see the world, often giving us a perspective that focuses on the negative while discounting the positive. The information in this presentation can help you begin the journey of rediscovering things about yourself, and allow you to put hope back into your world.

Eating Disorders Handout
Find out the symptoms, where to get help and how to help a friend.

Mindfulness 101 Presentation
Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of what is going on in and around you, and change your reaction to those things; essentially not letting the external control your internal. Includes exercises to help you practice this extremely beneficial skill.

Safety, Predictability and Control Handout
Staying safe, maintaining routines, and helping others can empower you during seemingly uncontrollable times.

Sexual Violence Handout
Where to find available support and resources for survivors of sexual violence, or how to support someone you care about who has been affected by sexual violence.

Signs of Depression and Suicide Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) website
Learn the signs of someone who may be experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide and how to best support them through these challenges.

Sleep Hygiene Handout
Learn ways to improve your sleep.

Student Athlete Burnout and Mental Health Handout
How to recognize and get help for burnout.

Student Athletes Handout
What athletes need to know about mental health and the pressure to perform.

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self-care icon Counseling-Related Forms

These will help you prepare for your first session.

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 anxiety toolbox Relaxation Exercises

Intro to Diaphragmatic Breathing: An easy step-by-step guide to breathing well

Simple 2-10 minute meditation/breathing exercises

God’s Loving-Kindness: A guided meditation on gratitude and God’s loving-kindness

Progressive Muscle Relaxation with a Christian Perspective

Five Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Spiral Breathing Exercise

Brain Fog and the Neuroscience Behind It

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 stress video icon Ted Talks on Mental Health

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 help with finger icon Online Screenings

The CBU Counseling Center offers anonymous online screenings and assessments free of charge. These screenings take only a few minutes to complete and may be helpful if you believe you're struggling with:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Eating concerns
  • Substance use
  • General well-being 

The screenings are provided so that you can gain more information about the symptoms you're experiencing and decide whether or not a professional consultation might be helpful to you. If you're interested in completing one of these screenings, visit the online screenings/assessment site now.

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 mindfulness icon Mind/Body Resources

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 hope icon Mental Health Apps

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