Questions and Answers

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Why would I use the Counseling Center?

The college years are a time for you to develop your identity and explore future life paths and it is not uncommon for students to experience heightened stress during this process. Counseling can help when:

  • You feel that a personal problem is interfering with your well-being in some way.
  • You want help, guidance, or suggestions for coping with adjustment issues (academics, roommates, lifestyle, relationships).
  • You feel depressed or anxious.
  • You wish to examine your beliefs or your current life situation.

Counseling will specifically help you clarify the issues, sort out the options, and make decisions.

How do I get to talk to a counselor? Note: This is not academic counseling.
For personal struggles (not academic counseling), contact the Counseling Center at (951) 689-1120 or click on "Request a First-Time Appointment" in the menu at left. You will be scheduled for an intake session as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Who are the counselors and what are their qualifications?
The CBU Counseling Center is staffed by Marriage Family Therapist Trainees and Interns who have been trained to counsel with individuals, couples, and families regarding a wide range of personal and relationship issues. A trainee has completed at least one year of the master's program in counseling, while an intern has graduated from the program and is working toward licensure. All counselors work under supervision from an on-campus Licensed Marriage Family Therapist who meets regularly with the counselor. Please check our "About Staff" page to find out individual therapists' background and interests in the counseling field.

Are my counseling sessions confidential?
All personal information discussed by clients in the counseling session is confidential, except in the case of a client reporting that he/she is going to harm themselves or someone else and/or there have been incidents of child or elder abuse. In such cases, counselors are legally bound by law to inform authorities. No other information about clients is released without the client's written authorization.

Is there a fee for Counseling Center Services?
All counseling and materials are offered at no additional charge to students, staff, and faculty of California Baptist University, and to their spouses and dependents up through age 18. For the general community, we offer the same services (as availability allows) at low cost.

How do I refer someone who needs counseling?
If you are concerned about a friend, we suggest you encourage your friend to contact the Counseling Center and make an appointment with a staff member to discuss the situation. If you believe your friend is having a serious crisis, call immediately. If the Center is not open, for emergency situations refer to "Crisis Hotlines" for contact information.

What other services does the Counseling Center offer?
Our counselors host on-campus discussion groups, workshops, and seminars, as well as facilitate support groups for issues such as eating disorders, recovery from sexual abuse, anger management, and other issues that students or community members have expressed an interest in. For current information about events sponsored by the Counseling Center or to learn more about groups or classes, please contact our office at (951) 689-1120.

The Counseling Center also has information about local agencies and services--please call for these resources. Hotlines and emergency contact information are available by clicking here: "Crisis Hotlines".