Frequently Asked Questions

How many laps around the track makes a mile?

10 on the outside, 10.5 in the middle, 11 on the inside

How long can we play racquetball for?

As a courtesy rule, if there are people waiting/wanting to play, no longer than one hour unless you reserved a court

Can racquetball courts be reserved? For how long?

Yes, call or reserve at the reception desk for court #107 (only), up to an hour.

How many personal training sessions are allowed per semester?

7 plus an inquiry (initial meeting; 8 total)

When are the volleyball nets set up during the week?

Times are always available to see on the Google calendar.


How do I sign up for the different programs offered throughout the semester?

Sign up at the reception desk or call in. 

Intramural sports: Can family and friends watch? How do they get access to the gym to watch?

Yes, family members can watch. They enter and are swiped as a guest. They cannot work out at the gym.