Frequently Asked Questions

How many laps around the track makes a mile?

10 on the outside, 10.5 in the middle, 11 on the inside

How long can we play racquetball for?

As a courtesy rule, if there are people waiting/wanting to play, no longer than one hour unless you reserved a court

Can racquetball courts be reserved? For how long?

Yes, call or reserve at the reception desk for court #107 (only), up to an hour.

How many personal training sessions are allowed per semester?

7 plus an inquiry (initial meeting; 8 total)

When are the volleyball nets set up during the week?

Times are always available to see on the Google calendar.

Do I have to sign up for the rock climbing Safety 101 classes? How?

Before you can climb on the rock climbing wall you do have to take the Safety 101 climbing class. You can sign up for the class at the reception desk.

How do I sign up for the different programs offered throughout the semester?

Sign up at the reception desk or call in. SOME programs have an online sign-up (like Walk to Wellness and LancerFit).

Intramural sports: Can family and friends watch? How do they get access to the gym to watch?

Yes, family members can watch. They enter and are swiped as a guest. They cannot work out at the gym.