TRUBLUE Auto Belay

About Reach Your Peak

Reach Your Peak is an 8-week training program that utilizes the TRUBLUE Auto Belay as an essential tool for climbers to improve their skills and reach their personal fitness goals. Each person in the training group comes from different climbing backgrounds and is looking to accomplish something unique.

Benefits of Training with Reach Your Peak

The program is designed to help any level of climber improve their overall health, improve endurance, rebound from life-changing events such as pregnancy or injury, and to strengthen already existing skillsets. Of course, there are other unintended side benefits that have been seen from following this program. Some of the TRUBLUE team reported:

  1. Healthy weight loss
  2. Overall feeling of increased "coolness"
  3. Newfound passion for climbing
  4. Wife started taking notice of toned and strong new physique
  5. Increased popularity from making new friends at the gym
  6. Less tired and sluggish at work
  7. Better nights of sleep
  8. And more!

If all those things sound like what you're looking for from your fitness program, then let's get started!

Why the TRUBLUE? 

The TRUBLUE makes it easy to learn how to lead climb, work on your endurance and improve your skills—all without a partner. Learn more about how the TRUBLUE can benefit climbers by visiting their website!