Our hand-crafted climbing wall is set for every level of climber. Come with a partner or by yourself. We have both top rope and auto belays for your use. Lead climbing is available to those who have passed the lead certification class.

General Policies

  1. All climbers must have a signed waiver on file. No waiver, no climb.
  2. All climbers must complete our Safety 101 course taught by a lead climbing attendant prior to climbing.
  3. Shoes must be worn. No barefoot climbing, open-toed sandals, hiking boots or hard soled shoes.
  4. No climbing with personal stereos, iPods, etc.
  5. Everyone in the climbing area must have proper climbing equipment. All others must remain in the observation areas. 
  6. All privately owned equipment must be UIAA/CA certified rock climbing sport specific equipment and inspected by climbing wall staff.
  7. No teaching or instruction except by climbing wall attendants.
  8. No climbing an auto belay route without a safety check from a climbing wall attendant.
  9. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  10. Water in "sport bottles" is allowed in the climbing area. No other food, drink or gum are allowed on the padded landing surface.
  11. We reserve the right to expel any participant that staff deems is participating in an unsafe manner or interferes with other climbers.


  1. Bouldering and traversing are allowed in the bouldering area ONLY.
  2. Bouldering with a crash pad is required.
  3. Never boulder over or under another climber.
  4. Bouldering with harnesses is not permitted.
  5. Topping out is only allowed using the marked routes.
  6. Climbers are responsible for appointing their own spotters.
  7. Climbers should always assess their comfort level in spotting another climber, or in being spotted.
  8. Nobody is ever obligated to spot! Contact the climbing attendant if you require assistance.

Climbing Etiquette

  1. Climbers are encouraged to stretch and loosen or warm up prior to climbing.
  2. Avoid stepping on the ropes.
  3. Climb safe! All climbers must use a belayer-check-climber and climber-check-belayer system before every climb. Check each other's harness, knot and belay device.
  4. Climb safe! Always use standard climbing commands: "On belay?" "Belay on!" "Climbing?" "Climb on!"
  5. Climbers should never climb faster than the belayer can keep the rope secure. The belayer should let them know if they need to slow down.
  6. Please stay on line, on route and avoid crossing other ropes. Climbers should never climb directly above or below others on the wall.
  7. Remove all jewelry, watches, keys, etc. These objects can break and cause injury. They are also bad for the crash pads!
  8. Please share! If you and you partner have climbed the route, give the rope to those waiting.
  9. Keep your eyes open! We encourage experienced climbers to help out.

Climbing Equipment Checkout

All equipment is available through the climbing wall attendant. If you bring your own gear, it must be checked by an attendant before you can use it on the wall.