Accommodation Information


Accommodations for Graduates
  • Graduates Needing Special Assistance
    Graduates who are in need of any kind of special accommodations due to disabilities or health conditions should send an email to Our goal is to evaluate your needs and make personalized accommodations to make this day of celebration as enjoyable as possible. Please contact our office via email no later than Thursday, November 16, 2017 so we can make the appropriate arrangements for your needs
Accommodations for Guests
  • Guests Needing Assistance or Accessible Seating
    While accommodations at the Events Center are fully ADA compliant, disability seating is limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis. Guests with disability needs will be allowed one companion to accompany them.  
  • Ticketing for Disability Seating
    All graduates must request tickets within the Exit Process prior to Grad Finale, November 13-14. In this process, directions will be given how to request assigned seating for guests with disabilities. At the Commencement ceremony, ushers will direct guests to their assigned disability seating.
  • Disability Parking
    There will be disability parking areas designated for our guests with disability placards or license plates. Parking attendants will direct these guests to the appropriate areas. 
  • Sign Language Interpreting
    An interpreter will sign during the Commencement ceremony for guests who are hearing impaired or deaf. Ushers will direct guests who would like interpreter services to section 114.