Record A Thank You Message

Students will have the opportunity to video record a thank you message by appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday, February 20-21. Please note the following:

  • Your application must have an applied or approved status to be accepted for the filming date.
  • Doctoral students must have their gown and bring it for filming; all others will be loaned regalia.

You must schedule an appointment time to record your video message. There are a limited number of appointments available.

Only those with a confirmed appointment time will be guaranteed the opportunity to record a thank you message. If you are not present and completely prepared for your video at your scheduled time, your appointment will be given to someone else.

How to Prepare for Your Thank You Video

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. We will use this time to help you dress in provided regalia, and to make sure your hair/makeup are camera ready.
  • Please have your message prepared and rehearsed in advance.
  • Your message should be no longer than 30 seconds; some editing may be required.
  • Speak up and speak clearly.
  • Make it personal. Who has meant the most to you?
  • Ladies: A V-neck shirt is ideal due to the cut of the graduation gown.
  • Gentlemen: Men should wear a collared shirt and tie, and be clean-shaven.
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View the thank you videos for the summer 2019 ceremonies.
 the thank you videos for the spring 2019 ceremonies.

Note: The most heartfelt and concise messages will be included in the opening video prior to the ceremony. Although we try to include everyone who recorded a message in the video, it cannot be guaranteed. An email will be sent out to participants when the video is available to be shared with friends and family.