CBU Grad Stickers

Virtual Graduation Regalia

Hey Spring Graduates, can't wait to receive your cap and gown in the mail? Use the following stickers to create your own virtual graduation regalia. Pro Tip: These are easiest to use when used as stickers for Instagram stories, but can be used on other platforms as well.

If you don't already know how to use stickers – follow these steps:

  1. Expand the menus below and download the appropriate stickers to your phone.
  2. Open Instagram story and pick your favorite portrait/selfie.
  3. Switch to your phone's photo album.
  4. Copy the sticker(s) you just downloaded.
  5. Switch back to Instagram (and a screen should pop up from the bottom).
  6. Add stickers and have fun!
  7. Share your creation with us so we can reshare it! Tag @calbaptist and use #cbugrad2020 


  • Claim your cap

    Grad cap and tassel

  • Get your gown

    CBU graduation gown


  • Select your stole

    CBU Live Your Purpose
    Commencement Stole


    Great Commission / ISP
    ISP Stole

  • Choose your cord

    AX (Alpha Chi) Cord
    Alpha Chi Green Blue Cords


    AΣΛ (Alpha Sigma Lambda) Cord
    Alpha Sigma Lambda Burgundy Antique Gold Cords


    Graduation Honors Cord
    Graduation Honors Cords


    Military Service Cord
    Military Service Cords

  •  Master's Hoods

    Congratulations on your Master's Degree!
    Each color represents a different field of learning, choose yours below.


    Architecture Hood
    Behavioral and Social Sciences, Mathematics
    Behavioral and Social Sciences as Math Hood

    Business, Accounting
    Business and Accounting Hood

    Health and Physical Sciences
    Health and Physical Sciences Hood

    Social Work
    Social Work Hood

    Communication Hood

    Education Hood

    Engineering Hood

    English Hood

    Medicine Hood

    Music Hood

    Nursing Hood

    Organizational and Leadership Studies
    Organizational and Leadership Studies Hood

    Public Administration
    Public Administration Hood

    Public Health
    Public Health Hood



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