Global Health Engagement

The College of Health Science at California Baptist University is dedicated to seeking out opportunities for global engagement and partnerships. These international partnerships allow for unique educational programs and research collaboration.

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Bo Hua Hospital

Jilin City, China

The College of Allied Health at California Baptist University has agreed to pursue a continuing relationship of working cooperation with Bo Hua Hospital in Jilin City, China. This cooperative program includes:

  • Student and faculty participation in medical clinics and training
  • Cooperation with hospital administration for additional programs and training 
  • Annual student and faculty exchange and service opportunities

For more information about this partnership, please contact the College of Health Science at (951) 343-4619 or


University of Santo Tomas

Manila, Philippines

University of Santo Tomas and California Baptist University have organized a collaborative program where students will have the opportunity to practice speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and sports science in both the clinical and community settings.



Changchun, China

Cedarnest is a one-of-a-kind pediatric cancer recovery center located in the Jilin province. Children and their parents come to Cedarnest for 7 days of intensive rehab services that primarily focus on improving diet and nutrition related to protein-energy malnutrition along with providing some medical, psychological and spiritual support. The registered center is supported for operations through donations. The newly opened facility (May 2015) is multidisciplinary and focused on comprehensive treatment such as:

  • Paraprofessional training of the leadership team and staff
  • General medical follow-up
  • Diet and nutrition assessments
  • Speech, swallowing and hearing challenges
  • Physical activity, physical therapy programs
  • General health seminars for parents

Kigoma Baptist Hospital

Kigoma, Tanzania


Kigoma is a privately owned, government subsidized, municipal hospital that provides medical care to the residents and neighbors of Kigoma, Tanzania. The hospital provides in-patient and out-patient care and multi-disciplinary services. College of Health Science faculty and students have partnered with the hospital to provide rehabilitation, exercise science, hygiene and nutritional education for its patrons. A very special component of this partnership allows team members to participate with the local church to provide health-care related ministry for the community at large.



Seminar and Practicum

The College of Health Science provides an opportunity for students to travel during the summer and serve in the health professions in various overseas locations. Preparation for Global Health Engagement involves taking two courses, ALH 301 Global Health Engagement Seminar and ALH 401 Global Health Engagement Practicum.

For more information, please email Erik Salley at

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