First classes in the fall of 2007 (32 lecture seats and 21 lab seats) the first day of class 53 students showed up! — email to President Ellis "build it with vision and they will come".

College of Engineering Factoids (as of 8/28/13)
  First Seven Years Next Seven Years
Years 2006-2013 2013-2020
Enrollment 53-371 435+ to 808
Graduates (per year) 24, 36, 54 BS 144 BS, 24 MS, 12 PhD
Faculty 1-18 22-xx
Staff 0-4 4-x
Advisory 0-25 25-xx
Curriculum Partners 0-40 100+ -xx
Facilities 1 room, 1400ft2, now 34000 ft2 40,000ft^2 - 75,000 ft^2+
  Mission Hall, now Bourns Laboratories, "Blue Building", Adams Plaza Labs  New Engineering Building on Campus Fall 2017 or earlier 
Degrees  Consultant -("BS EE, BS ME"), became BS CE, BS ECE, BS ME and BS E (concentrations in Bioengineering, Business, Pre Law, Pre Med, Global Applications)
BS Chemical Engineering, SP13 BS Construction Management, FA12 Software engineering, SP13
Construction Management concentration within MBA SP 13 
BS Biomedical Engineering, FA13
BS Petroleum or Energy
Recovery/Systems Engineering
BS Industrial Engineering FA 14 Environmental Engineering
Computer Science SP 14?
CIT SP 14?
Architectural Engineering Engineering Physics
Technology innovation concentration within MBA,
MSE and/or Civil (Environmental +) FA14
MS ME, Software Engineering, FA14?
PhD in Engineering Education FA 15  
Research Grants  6 (National Science Foundation, Riverside Public Utilities, Southern California Edison (3) Keck) 
Other Grants and gifts  $1.5m 

For additional information, contact Dr. Anthony Donaldson, Dean of the College of Engineering at 951-343-4972 or adonaldson@calbaptist.edu.