Areas of Focus

Review the College of Engineering's areas of focus below.

  1. Outstanding Innovative Undergraduate Curriculum
    1. Leadership development in cohorts for all students
    2. Required internships for all students
    3. Required cross cultural component for all students
    4. Passing FE exam required for all students
    5. Oral and written communication and client orientation emphasis
    6. Hands on design all four years
    7. Inquiry based Physics
    8. New national model of engineering math education partner (NSF)
    9. Industrial and academic curriculum partners
    10. New industry based paradigm for capstone design
  2. Appropriate and Sustainable Technologies (Solar, alternative energy, green computing – FPGA etc)
  3. Health related technologies (clean water, hearing, medical devices, robotic assistive etc.)
  4. Applications with global reach (especially developing countries and native American communities)