New Engineering Building

CBU’s new College of Engineering building is envisioned as a 100,000 square foot state of the art facility organized as a three story building and situated on the south side of campus. The building is conceptualized as a distinctive synthesis of form and function: Two blocks of classroom, faculty and administrative space rendered in the campus vernacular, bracket a voluminous engineering hall that provides multipurpose space for labs, projects, exhibits, presentations and student collaboration. The engineering hall interconnects interior and exterior space. 

To the north, the entrance and exhibit plaza is connected by an expansive area of glass with hangar-style doors to move large projects in-and-out. This plaza area celebrates CBU’s engineering programs and invites views to the activities within. To the south, a large project yard opens up from the hall, providing exterior space and staging area for projects. Much of the roof is accessible to students, featuring a solar-thermal lab, a photovoltaic farm, a green roof/agricultural lab and other open space for experimentation.

engineering_campaign_building_aerialsouthwest.jpgAerial View from Southwest

Perspective View

Collaborative Design Hall

Solar Lab and Greenroof

Smart Robotics and Control Lab

Computational Intelligence and Cybersecurity Lab

Vehicle Technology Lab

Energy and Fuels Lab

Conference Room