Student Testimonials

Grace Gonazles 

BA, Anthropology and Psychology, '14
Pursuing MS in Counseling Psychology with LPCC concentration at CBU

My time at CBU as an undergraduate student was priceless. I found my passion and was provided with the knowledge and tools to pursue my career goals. The professors invest time in their students and classes are small, providing an opportunity to have more one-on-one time with the professors, which facilitates learning. When I began classes at CBU, I was not sure what I wanted to do as far as a career. I then began taking psychology and anthropology courses and with the guidance of some of my professors, I began to see how the two disciplines work well together when paired. I have become interested in a career in mental health and am currently pursuing a master of science in counseling psychology at CBU in order to work with underserved communities. Choosing to continue my education at CBU has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far.

Rebecca Shoup 

BA, Anthropology, '14
Pursuing a graduate degree in history in Scotland

The anthropology program at CBU has prepared me in many ways. Having a better understanding of other cultures and people has allowed me to better interact and relate to those around me. After completing the anthropology program, I am not only more aware of issues around the world but also of the cultural and human causes and influences behind them. Learning about human behavior, particularly from a Christian perspective, has widened my view of the world around me, making me more aware and respectful of those who may be different from me, allowing me to better relate to them. Each day I would come to class excited because of the vast number of cultures and cultural processes to be learned and discovered. The professors in the program, and the entire College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, cared deeply about me as their student and worked hard to see me succeed and learn. Going into a graduate program in history, I feel incredibly prepared with my anthropology degree, as it has given me a firm foundation and understanding of the processes of globalization, kinship, politics and economics within cultures, and how all these factors can interact to shape the world around us.