Clubs and Honor Societies

Anthropology Club

Since its humble beginnings in 2009, the goal of Anthropology Club has been to understand and appreciate the importance of nature, animals and humanity and most importantly to share this importance with others. One of the most active clubs on campus, Anthro Club has been involved in various CBU activities including Club Fair and Homecoming in addition to weekly meetings and unique club-hosted events. Students in Anthro Club have also had the special opportunity to participate in career networking through exposure to fellow anthropologists near and far, via such professional conferences as the Southwestern Anthropological Association and the American Anthropological Association. Anthro Club also values interdisciplinary efforts and has worked with our Psychology and Sociology Clubs to promote learning about how the behavioral sciences are interconnected through widely attended panel discussions. Anthro Club continues to serve the student population of CBU, creating exciting events with an international flair!

Forensic Psychology Club

The Forensic Psychology Club is a new addition to the clubs available on campus. Its goal is to promote interest to the discipline of forensic psychology and offer opportunities to network with professionals for students interested in this exciting field.

Psychology Club 

Established in 2011, the Psychology Club aims to further explore field-related issues outside the classroom. With this in mind, weekly meetings are arranged in an effort to promote discussion and debate around contemporary topics. Several guest lecturers are also invited to these meetings throughout the year, who provide distinct insight to topics of controversy. In conjunction with other clubs in the behavioral sciences, Psych Club hosts a panel event each semester where students are encouraged to ask professors the hard questions about their field in light of biblical values. In order to better prepare students for graduate school, Psych Club is focused on integrating the graduate application process and required experience into its activities, as well as helping students develop a realistic expectation of the graduate education environment.

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club at CBU launched in 2011. This club is designed to strengthen the connections of students in sociology and related fields both on campus and in the community, including exposure to opportunities to serve in outreach programs, service learning projects, research efforts, and global organizations. Sociology Club also offers social gatherings such as movie and game nights, a chance to participate in local halfway houses and encouragement in attendance to conferences on and off-campus such as the Pacific Sociological Association or the Teen Summit Conference. Every year the Sociology Club also participates in the campus Club Fair and Homecoming activities. In addition, the Sociology Club has worked with the Anthropology and Psychology Clubs to provide panel discussions where students are invited to ask questions of CBSS faculty regarding contemporary topics.


Alpha Phi

Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society

Membership in Alpha Phi allows the student to be eligible for funding to help with research and presentation at annual conferences, such as the American Sociological Association. Students also get the chance to participate in paper competitions where first prize winners are eligible to get their works published in Sociological Inquiry. In order for an undergraduate student to be eligible for membership in Alpha Phi, the student must have at least junior status and an officially declared major or minor in sociology. The student must also rank in the top 35% of their graduating class or have an overall GPA of at least 3.3. Prior to initiation, the student must have completed at least four regular courses in sociology and maintained a 3.0 GPA in any sociology courses taken at CBU.