Speech Preparation

  1. Speeches shall have leadership as the main theme to be considered eligible for competition.
  2. Non-leadership issues such as social, medical, environmental, political etc. shall not be primary subjects unless integrated into how leadership plays a role.
  3. Each contestant shall research, write and deliver his/her own speech. Advice and coaching is allowed and changes may be made to the speech at any time prior to the contest.
  4. Contestants shall submit a draft of their speech to the contest director prior
    to participating in the contest to assure the content meets the criteria of leadership as the main theme.
  5. Contestants’ speeches shall be limited to no more than ten minutes or less than seven minutes.
  6. Contestants shall give proper credit to any source from which they derive information. Contestants may use quotations and/or copyrighted materials, but must identify the original author. Acknowledging the source of the material shall be the responsibility of the contestant.

Speeches will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Clear and consistent organization throughout the presentation
  2. Effective language choices appropriate to the occasion
  3. Delivery that makes the speaker appear polished and confident
  4. Use of supporting material that enhances the credibility of the speaker
  5. A persuasive and compelling central message

Note: While visual aids are allowed, some topics will not require them and so they will not be part of the rubic for evaluating speeches by themselves.  Effective use of visual aids can aid the speaker in the above elements, but are not required. Podiums will not be used. 

Please forward a copy of your draft to iylcsc@calbaptist.edu no later than 7/8/19.  Download your paper to a flash drive and bring it along with a printed copy to the conference.  


Potential Topics

  • Leadership in the world today
  • Community leadership (or how to become a leader in my community?)
  • What makes a good leader (or what are the attributes of a good leader)?
  • What makes one a student leader
  • Leadership in science and technology
  • What makes an exemplary youth leader?
  • Great leadership examples and their impact on you
  • Leadership: past, present and for the next millennium
  • What leadership means to you
  • What are some core values a leader ought to uphold?
  • Other relevant topics