All participants must be enrolled in a school or home schooled (grades 7–12); speak fluent English; and aim to become excellent leaders.


Students will be divided into one division of 7th-9th grade competitors, and one division of 10th-12th grade competitors. All students will be guaranteed 3 preliminary rounds, which will be randomly assigned. Based on the results of those preliminary rounds, some students will be invited to compete in a final round of competition. Verbal feedback will be offered in some rounds, and written feedback will be produced in every round and made available at the end of the conference for all competitors. 

Prizes *: 

One champion from 7-9 grades & one champion from 10-12 grades. Total: $4,000.00

One 2nd place from 7-9 grades & one 2nd place from 10-12 grades: Total: $2,000.00

One 3rd place from 7-9 grades & one 3rd place from 10-12 grades: Total $1,000.00

 *Competition tracks and prizes are subject to adjustment if the actual number of contestants in each track falls below 15.