International Youth Leadership Conference and Speech Contest

The scarcity of good leaders, the lack of confidence in contemporary leaders, the abundance of bad leaders, and the deficit in leadership skills among existing leaders require urgent remedies. Many good people shy away from leadership to avoid the headaches, hardships, and heartaches associated with leading. Emerging and established leaders often enter their organizations unprepared for the myriad of challenges, burdens of responsibilities, and ethical conundrums that come with stepping into the arena of influence.

If you're a middle or high school student interested in leadership, consider joining us at CBU this July for the three-day International Youth Leadership Conference and Speech Contest.

Dates: July 15–17, 2019
Place: California Baptist University
Participants: Grades 7–12, local and abroad

The 2019 International Youth Leadership Conference and Speech Contest is intended to provide youth speakers an opportunity to:

  1. Demonstrate their understanding of the vital importance of leadership in today’s world, and share their leadership stories;
  2. Learn different leadership theories, and improve communication skills through participating in the mentoring seminar series provided by distinguished university professors;
  3. Raise their ability in research/writing and delivering leadership speech contents;
  4. Connect with successful leaders in various professional fields so that they benefit from the networks for future direction of employment and orientation of leadership.