College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is the largest and most diverse academic unit on campus, with 60 academic programs ranging from Aviation to Theater. With seven robust departments, we have over 85 full-time faculty and staff dedicated to serving our students. The College of Arts and Sciences serves as the core of CBU’s liberal arts education while preparing our students for competitive professional careers. We currently have CAS alumni working in many different professions like lawyers, teachers, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, pilots, law enforcement officers, and actors, to mention only a few.

While most of our programs are rooted in traditional disciplines that have stood the test of time in academia, we equip our students with the necessary tools for today’s global market while training them in the skills they need to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. To achieve these ends, the College of Arts & Sciences promotes a wide-range of activities, such as undergraduate research, colloquia, and study tours, that enrich the culture of research and scholarship and elevate the student experience.

Integration of faith with learning is key to our identity and mission, tasks, and goals. Our commitment to applying faith to life is second to none. If you want to pursue a job to earn a living, a degree program in most any university will do. But if you want to pursue a calling, CBU and the College of Arts and Sciences programs will prepare you to live for something greater.

—Dr. Lisa Hernandez, Dean