International Students

A strong resume is key to getting a job interview in the U.S.. Recruiters and hiring managers prefer resumes to be one-page maximum. Most expectations for resumes differ between cultures—photographs, declarations, family history, and charts should not be included in resumes submitted to U.S. companies. In the U.S., a CV and a resume are different documents. Most companies request a resume, but if an employer requests a CV, do not submit your resume in its place (and vice versa). 

Interstride is a platform where international students can see open positions that comply with H1B Visa and Green Cards, access professional development resources, view international job postings, attend webinars, and take a Career Game Plan Assessment to see the probability of finding a U.S. job based on your education and experience.

As a CBU student, you have free, lifelong access to use the Interstride app and web browser. When logging on for the first time, use your CBU email and set your password. Download the Interstride app on your phone for easy accessibility!

Job Searching
Research every company before applying for a job so that you are well-informed about the organization, position, and common salary, given your qualifications. Apply to all companies, whether you know if they offer sponsorship or not. Be honest, from the beginning, that you are an international student. Never give employers your social security number, bank account information or driver's license number until you are filling out official hiring documents.

Interviews in the U.S. can be conducted individually, in a group, with a single interviewer, or with a panel of interviewers. Always arrive early for your interview. You should arrive approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled time. If you are late, do not expect an interview. Dress to impress. Avoid wearing casual, wrinkled or revealing clothing. Avoid wearing strong cologne, perfumes, and other fragrances to the interview and workplace. Deliver a strong handshake and make eye-contact with your interviewer. In the U.S., eye contact demonstrates trustworthiness and confidence. If you’re applying to jobs on campus and are offered a position following the interview, only accept the position if you intend to work there for at least one school year. Do not accept the job for the purpose of obtaining work authorization documents. After applying for a job, follow up with the employer 24 hours after submitting your application. Unless they give you a time frame, it is acceptable to follow up with them again in a week but make sure you do not come off as aggressive when contacting the employer again.


Feel free to utilize the Career Center for any help that you may need. You can go to Handshake to make a resume, cover letter, Handshake profile or LinkedIn profile review, mock interview appointment, and/or career guidance appointment. Handshake is also where all on-campus jobs are posted for you to apply. Sign in with your CBU ID # and InsideCBU password.