Four-Year Roadmap


Freshman Year

  • Explore what Handshake has to offer! Create and upload your résumé through this resource and check out what on-campus jobs are available.
  • Begin developing a positive, professional online presence. Monitor what goes on your social networking pages and create an online networking profile through LinkedIn.
  • Take inventories that assess your personality, values, skills and interests. Let these assessments show you what careers and majors you might align with.
  • Consider how you will spend your summer. Look for summer job and internship opportunities that could develop you and your network.



Sophomore Year

  • Set up an appointment to meet with a career counselor if you have not settled on a major. Now is the time to choose the direction you’re headed.
  • Start attending different workshops, seminars, panels, and events hosted by the Career Center.
  • Update your Handshake profile, résumé and LinkedIn profile. Have it reviewed during walk-in hours that occur Monday through Friday from 1–3 p.m.
  • Research and apply for internships to gain experience.



Junior Year

  • Attend career fairs, workshops and seminars to meet potential employers and learn about what opportunities could lie ahead. As you go to these events, begin to network and build connections in your areas of interest.
  • Rejuvenate your résumé, LinkedIn profile and Handshake profile with any activities, experiences or jobs that you could add from the last year.
  • Begin cultivating an online brand for yourself. Follow organizations, companies and leaders that spark your interest on social media.



Senior Year

  • Practice and sharpen your interview skills by scheduling a mock interview at the Career Center.
  • Review your résumé and LinkedIn profile and make finishing touches.
  • Attend career fairs, employer presentations and recruiting sessions put on by the Career Center. Network with the company representatives and make a name for yourself.
  • Develop your job search strategies and begin the process. Log on to Handshake daily to see new job postings.
  • Share your success story with the Career Center and get featured.