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We are dedicated to assisting your student in creating and accomplishing their career aspirations during their university experience and beyond.

We focus on the 4 major stages in career preparation:
  1. Choose a major within one's identified strengths and skills.
  2. Create a career path.
  3. Develop professionally.
  4. Obtain internships and employment.
The practical services we provide to make this a reality include:
  • Opportunities for professional development
    • Individual counseling appointments (career guidance, life map, major guidance and internship guidance)
    • Résumé and LinkedIn profile reviews
    • Mock interviews
    • Seminars and workshops
  • CBU Career Connect: Online job board for on and off campus employment and internships
  • Four-year plan: Learn how your student can be proactive and use the Career Center online resources and assessments.

We encourage your student to visit the Career Center at least once a semester. The career exploration journey can seem overwhelming at times but it is our desire to come alongside them, give them guidance and provide opportunities so that when they graduate they can confidently answer the inevitable question, "So, what now?"