Can't Get to the Rec Center?


Not able to get into the Rec Center?

Check out some of the options available to you!

 Lancer Fit


Looking to spice up your daily workout routine? Try supplementing one of our workouts with yours for 30 days. These challenges can be done in addition to your normal workout routine. We want you to achieve both your personal fitness goals and your spiritual goals.

Download and print the 30-day guide below:
Lancer Fit

Walk to Wellness


Walk to Wellness is a semester-long program that promotes walking towards a healthy lifestyle.  Challenge your friends or co-workers and get moving! Taking 10,000 steps a day burns up to 400 calories a day. 

See the PDF file below for the monthly routes.

Walk to Wellness routes

Download the Map My Run app and follow the GPS Routes to Wellness! 
To get the weekly route, click the links below!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

There are some great online resources like Fitlosophy or Fit Deck that are minimal cost or free downloads with great information. Even Pinterest has some great workout ideas! Don't let not being able to get to the gym be an excuse!



Need even more activities?

  • Try your neighborhood park (many have outdoor workout stations).
  • Use the fitness facility at a nearby YMCA or YWCA.
  • Join a local gym.
  • Some universities offer a reciprocity program if you show your student ID. For a minimal fee (or for free!), you can use their university recreation center.
  • When all else fails, go for a walk!
  • Remember to be safe and find a well-lit area to pound the pavement.