Emotional Wellness

How Exercise Can IMPROVE Your Mental Health!

1. It relieves stress! Exercise can reduce fatigue, improve alertness, and enhance overall cognitive function. 

2. It releases endorphins! Endorphins are often known as your body’s natural pain relievers. These neurotransmitters reduce pain and increase your feelings of euphoria and well-being. 

3. It can reduce anxiety! Researchers have found that individuals who are physically active have lower rates of anxiety and depression than those with a sedentary lifestyle. A brisk walk can deliver several hours of relief.

4. It helps control addiction! Exercise sparks dopamine production in your brain, which improves mood, motivation, and feelings of wellness and attention. It rebuilds toxic damage to the brain while also reducing anxiety and depression, and enhancing self-esteem.

5. It inspires creativity! One great workout can boost creativity for up to two full hours.

(To see article source please click here!)

The great thing about exercise is that it doesn't have to cost you a penny! There are plenty of ways to exercise by just using your body weight at home or a park. If you are looking for ways to #DiversifyYourFitness come take some group-x classes or workout in the weight room at the Rec Center! If you can't make it to the Rec Center, click here for online resources and instructional videos.  

Benefits of Meditating:
  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Increases focus

  • Increases mindfulness (the ability to be aware of what’s occurring at any given moment, but being able to choose how to act, as opposed to just reacting)

How to Meditate for Beginners: 

QuietKit presents a very simple, direct type of guided meditation for beginners (that only takes 2-10 minutes), perfect for anyone getting started: focusing your attention on your breath, and nothing else, as you sit quietly.

Here’s how to start:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit, with your back upright.

  • Put on headphones (this will help block outside distractions).

  • Select the meditation length that’s ideal for you.

  • Press play and close your eyes.

  • Focus your attention on your breath, breathing in and out.


For more helpful resources such as articles, printable handouts, and informational videos please visit: https://calbaptist.edu/counseling-center/student-resources 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

If you are suffering from emotional distress, it’s okay to ask for help. There’s no reward for keeping it bottled up. Pretending to be okay does not make you strong. Talking to someone you trust about your stresses, issues or problems can help ease the negative turmoil. If more help is needed, seeking advice from a mental health counselor is also an option. Seeing a mental health professional means you are strong enough to take care of mental and emotional health. To make an appointment with the counseling center call (951) 689-1120.

If you are stressed because you are having a hard time understanding a subject. Ask for help! The Academic Success Center has tutors to help you! Make an appointment with a tutor by calling (951) 343-4567.