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How to Dress for an Interview

Check out this helpful guide to dressing for interviews. Make sure your potential employers know that you're ready for the workplace! 


The 5 Signature Moves of People Who Get Promoted Again and Again

We all know those people who seem to breeze their way up the corporate ladder. They have found success by following these 5 habits of people who always get promoted:

  1. They find solutions.
  2. They step outside their comfort zone.
  3. They study the boss.
  4. They look at the big and little picture.
  5. They’re team players.

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Benefits of a Mock Interview

1. Reduce stress and anxiety.
It is no surprise that a majority of people get nervous before an interview. The pressure sets in when you really want the position but you don’t know if you stand the chance. With the help of friend, a mentor or a professional career counselor you will feel ready for the challenge.

2. Boost your confidence.
A mock interview boosts your confidence. Confidence clears up your mind to help you remember all those great skills you've obtained over the years. Since you test drove the answers already you’re more likely to remember and have the right attitude.

3. Get constructive feedback.
When doing the mock interview you get the feedback of your mock interviewer. The interviewer will let you know about the pluses and negatives of your outfit, your posture, your answers and your résumé. He or she will then help you improve those answers and offer tips to implement for the real interview.

4. Get insight on your body language.
While we talk, sometimes we are unaware of our body posture or nervous habits. Even in a mock interview we get nervous. After your mock interview, you will learn about your nervous tendencies such as pauses, "ums" and "likes" in the middle of your answers or if your posture seems closed or open and confident. These insights will help you correct your body language before the real interview.

5. Be prepared for interview questions.
Many companies use behavioral-based interview questions such as, “Tell me about a time that you overcame conflict in the workplace.” If you are unfamiliar with these types of questions a mock interview is a perfect way to practice and perfect your answers.


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