Activity List

Take a Beach Trip

Spend a minute or a whole day enjoying these beaches of sunny Southern California! Visit Rec Rentals for beach rentals such as surfboards, wetsuits, and more!

Get Involved in Community Life

Community Life is pivotal to the experience of our students at CBU. Visit the Lounge for ping pong, discounted tickets, special events, and more!

Volunteer in Riverside

Boredom is only our mind telling us to go out and DO something! Why not go volunteer? Check out this list of volunteer opportunities right here in Riverside!

Go on a Hike

Cooler days are the perfect time to go hiking! Get lost (not really) on these Southern California hikes! Visit Rec Rentals for camping rentals.

Cook with Friends

Share the love AND some food with friends. These are a few of our favorite healthy recipes from Kaiser and Lancer Wellness! What will you make?

Smell the Roses

A 10-minute drive is all that separates CBU from the UCR Botanical Gardens. This garden grows and cultivates many different species of plant life. Take a walk and smell the roses.

Smell the Oranges

The California Citrus State Historic Park is only 10 minutes away from CBU! Take a second to appreciate the life cycle of nature, and the sweet smell of citrus.

Attend a Group X Class

Come to CBU's Recreation Center to better the mind and body with group exercise (GX) classes. Boxing, cycling, deep stretching. There are a range of classes to choose from.