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CBU Intramurals organizes and hosts intramural athletic events throughout the fall and spring semesters including championships such as Fortuna Bowl and Lancer Cup. 

  • How to Sign Up

    How to Sign Up

    • Go to
    • Log in with your student ID number and Lancermail password.
    • Select Intramurals at the top left of the page.
    • Scroll down to select which league you would like to join.
    • Create a team, join a team or sign up as a free agent.
  • Description of Leagues

    Description of Leagues

    • Rec: This league is designed for teams that would like to play for fun. Good for people that have not played the sport before or have limited experience playing.
    • Competitive: This league is designed for teams that would like to play at a competitive level with other teams consisting of players who have played at the high school and/or club level.
    • Rec It Fridays: Another form of recreational programming that occurs once a month on Friday. These are one-day tournaments that may or may not require sign ups ahead of time. Some examples include ultimate Frisbee, sand volleyball, street hockey, etc.
    • Passive Leagues: Recreational programming that combines the structure of a regular season with the flexibility of a Rec it Friday. Passive Leagues are designed to be played when the student(s) are available. Through IMLeagues, the intramural staff schedules opponents to be played throughout the week, but the students decide when they can meet up to play and report their own scores.
  • Referees


    If students are interested in officiating one of the leagues they can fill out a Referee Interest Form online or by picking one up from the front desk at the Rec Center and then returning it. They will be contacted before the season begins for the sport(s) they selected. 

  • Current Programs

    Current Programs

    Disc Golf

    Our Disc Golf Course includes various signs, trees and objects as holes throughout campus. Please exercise caution while participating and be aware of pedestrians, cars, and other obstructions. If you notice any damage (chipping, indentations, etc.) to one of the holes, please contact

    Other Programs
  • COVID Guidelines

    COVID Guidelines

    Including but not limited to:

    • Students MUST bring their CBU ID cards.
    • Masks are required at all times.
    • Maintain social distancing of 6 ft. when possible.
    • Stay within designated playing area.
    • No spectators.
    • Players must use equipment provided by intramural staff.
    • All equipment will be sanitized between player usage.
    • Hand sanitizer will be on-site and players will be asked to put hand sanitizer on before playing.
    • Temperature checks will be required at the door.
    • We ask that you show up to your game 5 minutes before the start time and leave after the game is over.
    • Please bring your own water. Water will not be provided (bottle refill stations are located throughout the Rec Center and campus).
  • FAQs


    How do I sign up?
    Using the link, create an account using your Student ID number and Lancermail password. Then select Intramurals at the top left of the page. Next scroll down and select the league you would like to join. Finally, there are three options for most leagues, create a team, join a team or sign up as a free agent.

    How much does it cost?
    Intramurals are FREE! The only money involved is a $10-$20 forfeit deposit from the captain at the beginning of a season (only seasons that require referees).

    How do I participate if I don’t have a team?
    There are a few options:

    • You can sign up as a free agent. This means that you will be placed on a team that is willing to accept free agents, you can create a bio for yourself.
    • You could request to join teams that are already created.

    We recommend doing BOTH! If you request specific teams, captains may be slow in responding, but if you sign up as a free agent, we can assist you in connecting with a team!

    What is offered each semester?
    We have several sports each semester and an ever changing variety. The best way to see what we have is to check IMLeagues.

    Who can play?
    Traditional undergraduate students enrolled in 6+ units, graduate students and OPS students.

    Current athletes are only allowed to participate in virtual programs. Students formerly on a collegiate roster are ineligible to participate in the respective sport 2 years after being on a roster (i.e. collegiate volleyball players cannot play recreational volleyball, until 2 years after being on the roster), but are encouraged to participate in other recreational sports activities.

    Students who have undergone the NCAA eligibility process through the CBU Athletics Department and been named on a roster are considered a member of a collegiate team.

    No staff or faculty.

    Can I switch teams?
    You can switch teams until registration ends. After that you will need to contact

    What do I need to participate?
    Equipment needed to play will always be provided by the Intramural staff. For some sports we require equipment such as mouth guards or shin guards. In this case, if you do not have your own we offer the equipment for purchase at a significantly discounted price on the field.

    What are sportsmanship points?
    Sportsmanship points are a factor in determining standings for playoffs. Each game, a team starts off with 5 points, if they use foul language, unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct the referee or Intramural staff can take away points.

    A common misconception is that a team only has 5 sportsmanship points for the whole season and when they run out they cannot play or play in playoffs. This is FALSE. Your team’s sportsmanship rating is based off of the AVERAGE amount of sportsmanship points throughout the season, meaning if you lose more points your average will go down.

    What is the difference between competitive and recreational leagues?
    Rec league is designed for teams that would like to play for fun. Good for people that have not played the sport before or have limited experience playing.

    Competitive league is designed for teams that would like to play at a competitive level with other teams consisting of players who have played at the high school and/or club level.

    Where can I find my team’s game schedules and times?
    After sign ups have closed the Intramural Staff will build the season or tournament schedule. You will receive an email when the schedule is ready, then login to IMLeagues. On IMLeagues, go to your team’s page and scroll down, there you will see all the days and times your team plays.

    Still have questions?
    Use our interest form.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    For additional information, please call or visit us at the Rec Center.

    Rec Center:
    (951) 552-8580 

    Intramurals Program Coordinator:
    Marnie Kavern
    (951) 552-8126 

  • Job Opportunities

    Position Title: Intramural Lead
    General Information: Intramural Sports Interns are responsible for coordinating all aspects of intramural programming and various tournaments for the campus community. Standard First Aid certification is required prior to working a shift.


    Position Title: Intramural Official
    General Information: Officials are needed for flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer or any number of other sports throughout the year. Intramural Officials are expected to know all of the rules for the respective sport, ensure safety of all participants and carry out the fair play rules set forth by the Campus Recreation staff. This position requires several days of training.