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CBU Intramurals organizes and hosts intramural athletic events throughout the fall and spring semesters including championships such as Fortuna Bowl and Lancer Cup. 

  • How to Sign Up

    How to Sign Up

    • Go to
    • Log in with your student ID number and Lancermail password.
    • Select Intramurals at the top left of the page.
    • Scroll down to select which league you would like to join.
    • Create a team, join a team or sign up as a free agent.
  • Description of Leagues

    Description of Leagues

    • Rec: This league is designed for teams that would like to play for fun. Good for people that have not played the sport before or have limited experience playing.
    • Championship: This league is designed for teams that would like to play at a competitive level with other teams consisting of players who have played at the high school and/or club level.
    • Rec It Fridays: These are one-day drop in activities that occur once a month on a Friday. Some examples include ultimate frisbee, sand volleyball, street hockey, inflatable obstacle course, Capture the Flag, etc.
    • Passive Leagues: Passive Leagues are designed to be played when the student(s) are available. Through IMLeagues, the intramural staff schedules opponents to be played throughout the week, but the students decide when they can meet up to play and report their own scores.
  • Current Programs

    Current Programs

    Disc Golf

    Our Disc Golf Course includes various signs, trees and objects as holes throughout campus. Please exercise caution while participating and be aware of pedestrians, cars, and other obstructions. If you notice any damage (chipping, indentations, etc.) to one of the holes, please contact

    Other Programs