Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it cost to use the Rec Center?
    The cost of your gym membership is included in your CBU student fees.
  2. How many laps around the track makes a mile?
    10 on the outside, 10.5 in the middle, 11 on the inside.
  3. Are locker rooms available for use?
    Cubby lockers located on the first floor of the building are available, but space is limited.
  4. Are towels available for use?
    Please bring your own equipment. This includes a sweat towel, water bottle and mat.
  5. Are showers available for use?
    Showers and locker room lockers are not available at this time.
  6. Can I bring a guest?
    Only current students, faculty, staff and their immediate spouses are authorized to use the facility.
  7. What are the hours of operation?
  8. How do I get a job at the Rec Center?
    Fill out a job application online or pick one up at the Rec Center's front desk.
  9. What equipment can I rent/check out?
    Currently, we are not checking out any equipment at the Recreation Center. Outdoor gear can be rented at Rec Rentals by appointment only.
  10. Can I reserve a racquetball room?
    No. Racquetball courts are first come, first serve.
  11. Do you have to sign up for Group X classes?
    No. However, classes will have a size limit based on a first come, first serve basis.
  12. How do I sign up for a personal trainer?
    Please fill out the Personal Trainer Inquiry Form.