Judicial Board

The ASCBU Judicial Branch shall consist of the Judicial Board comprised of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 Justices jointly appointed by the ASCBU Executive President and the Dean of Students. Judicial Branch appointments must be confirmed by the Senate.

The ASCBU Judicial Board shall have the following powers and duties:

  • To choose one of their members to serve as Chief Justice.
  • To establish its own rules of operation in considering issues relating to the governmental functions of the ASCBU, providing the rules of operation do not conflict with the constitution.
  • To interpret this constitution and rule on any question of its fulfillment.
  • To participate in or conduct disciplinary hearing at the discretion of the dean of students, or upon petition, the student facing disciplinary action, relative to violations of the California Baptist University Standard of Student Conduct and in accordance with disciplinary procedures established by the Student Services Office. Decisions rendered in these hearings become recommendations to the dean of students.
  • To subpoena any member of the ASCBU and take disciplinary action against any member who fails to respond to subpoena.

Justices shall serve a term of one academic year.

The Chief Justice shall appoint no less than three Justices to consider a given case. No Justice shall participate in a hearing when an obvious conflict of interest exists, as determined by the Chief Justice or a majority of Justices.

Any member of the ASCBU has the right to apply for a hearing before the Judicial Board relative to the interpretation and implementation of the constitution.

In addition to fulfilling ASCBU constitutional duties, the ASCBU Judicial Board renders decisions regarding non-judicial appeals related to the Campus Vehicle Code and appeals related to monetary fines.