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Interested in hosting future lancers? 


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Would you consider hosting?

Twice each fall semester, the Undergraduate Admissions office invites over 230 high school seniors to come on campus for a 24-hour CBU experience (hence the name 24 at CBU). Our goal is for them to fall in love with CBU the same way you did when you first visited! 

We are looking for a ton of quality leaders to host for each of our events: 

Event Dates:
TBA in Summer 2020.

Note: Unfortunately, not everyone who applies is guaranteed to host a student. This is due to seniors requesting to stay with their friend(s) who are also attending the event. We will do our best as we assign students to CBU hosts.

What should I expect?

  1. Bonding time with future lancers
  2. Students sleeping on your floor (usually two students/host)
  3. A rewarding experience, literally! To appreciate all of our hosts, we will be giving out special CBU swag! We are grateful for your heart to welcome others to CBU and we would like to give you a fun gift in return (now there's a win-win!).

Prior to Event:

  1. Attend one of two mandatory host training meetings from 6:00-6:30pm.


 2. Connect with your students via text to introduce yourself a few days before!

 3. Make sure your living area is clean and presentable!

During the Event:

5:30pm Meet your students & Get them settled Your Living Area RA Box
6:15pm  Eat dinner together Alumni Dining Commons
 7:15pm Drop your students off at... NOV - Van Dyne Gym
9:30pm  Meet back up at the Late Night Lounge! Comm Life/Lancer Plaza
10:00pm All students must be in their assigned living areas Various Living Areas
7:00am  Make sure your students are awake and packing up Various Living Areas
7:15am Walk your students over to Luggage Drop Stamps Courtyard
7:30am Drop your students off at the Continental Breakfast Business Breezeway
8:00am Great job! You're done! Wherever you want!


Got Questions?

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:
951.343.4212 |