Virtual Orientation

There is still time to register in classes for the fall semester.

To sign up for an available time to register in classes, please contact your admissions counselor or call 951.343.4212. 

Part One: Class Registration

During the online class registration process CBU's Academic Advising Office will assist students in building their fall semester schedule. Students that sign-up for Virtual Orientation, prior to August 9th, will receive an email from Academic Advising with their instructions on how to use our class registration system and personal registration guide within ten business days, excluding CBU holidays. Students will have seven days to complete class registration once they receive this email. 

If students have questions about courses, changing majors or the class registration process they can reach out to the Academic Advising Office at or by calling (951) 343-4567.  


Part Two: Next Steps

Once students have registered for classes, they will complete the remaining steps below. This includes finalizing arrangements to live on campus, completing all applicable forms, exploring payment options and preparing for Welcome Weekend! 

First-time freshmen will move in on Thursday, August 30th and transfer students will move in on Friday, August 31st. 

  • Housing and Meal Plans

    Housing Application: Students that plan to live on campus must complete an online housing application. For information and images of each of the living areas, as well as a suggested packing list, click here.

    Meal Plans: Purchasing of a meal plan is required for all residential students and will be part of the Housing Application. Commuter students may choose meal plan on the University Card Services page. Any changes to meal plans may also be made on that page for both residential and commuter students.  Detailed information on meal plans, pricing and how they work may be found here.

  • Important Forms

    Health Insurance is required for all Traditional Undergraduate students at CBU enrolled in 7 units or more.  Students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan unless an online waiver form is submitted showing proof of insurance. 

    Beginning on May 10th, students who have their own insurance or are covered through their parents insurance can choose to "opt out" of the student insurance plan by completing the online waiver here. The waiver form is located on the left sidebar under "Student Access" on the "Student Waiver” link.  You will be required to create an account and then directed to the waiver form. The waiver must be complete by September 18, 2018. 

    Important note: Please do not fill out the current summer 2018 waiver.  This is for new Summer Nursing Students and will not waive you from the fall 2018 insurance requirement. 

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): By law, CBU needs to collect this form from every CBU student. California Baptist University is unable to release any personal educational information to any one other than the student without prior written consent. This form grants or denies permission for CBU to discuss student information with, for example, a parent or guardian who is named on the form. Please complete and email to  

    Tuition and Fee Agreement: This form gives CBU permission to apply your grants and scholarships to your CBU fees. Click here to complete the Tuition and Fee Agreement (InsideCBU login required).

    Parking Permit: If you plan on bringing a vehicle to campus, please submit your vehicle information on the Safety Services Parking and Permits page (InsideCBU login required). Your permit will be available to pick up at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester. 

    Emergency Contact Information: In the event of an emergency, CBU will attempt to notify your emergency contacts. Please fill out the Emergency Contact Information Form (InsideCBU login required).

  • Student ID Card

    Student ID Card: Your student ID card (CBU Card) will be available for pick up during Welcome Weekend. To expedite this process, University Card Services asks that you submit a photo for your card online.  During the summer you will be receiving an email from the Online Photo Software with the subject “California Baptist Unviersity has invited you to use Online Photo Submission!”. This email will provide information on the photo requirements and instructions on how to submit your photo. The system will also notify you a few days after submission if your photo has been accepted or if you will need to resubmit another photo. When you arrive at Welcome Weekend you will need to supply photo identification to pick up your CBU Card. 

  • Finalize Financial Aid and Payment Arrangements

    In order to finalize your financial aid and payment arrangements you will work with the both the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices. Financial Aid helps you secure money to pay for college in the form of grants, scholarships and loans. Student Accounts helps you set up payment arrangements to pay tuition and fees on time so that you stay enrolled at CBU and on track to graduation. 

    Financial Aid: FAFSA, Grants, Scholarships, Loans
    Student Accounts: Tuition and Fees, Payment Options, Payment Due Date, Book Vouchers, Refunds

    Finalize Financial Aid and Payment Arrangements

    1. Complete Your FAFSA (Financial Aid)
    If you have not already done so, complete your FAFSA at The Financial Aid team will review your FAFSA to determine your eligibility for grants, scholarships, and loans. CBU also offers various institutional scholarships to help cover the cost of attendance. A student's academic standing and financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can impact the amount and type of financial aid offered.

    2. Submit a Signed Tuition and Fee Agreement (Student Accounts)
    This agreement expresses you understand your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees to CBU on time each semester. Click here to complete the Tuition and Fee Agreement.

    3. Submit All Financial Aid Documents (Financial Aid)

    • If you've been selected for Verification (via Lancermail):
    • If you are using Federal Direct Loans: 
    • If you are a Cal Grant recipient:


    4. Accept/ Decline Financial Aid Award on InsideCBU (Financial Aid)
    Go to My Award Letter on InsideCBU. You may accept / decline or reduce aid as needed to cover your charges. The amount awarded may be reduced or cancelled if you are enrolled less than full-time or cease attendance during the semester to comply with Federal, State, and University regulations.

    Types of Financial Aid you may see:

    • Grants and Scholarships: Pell Grant and SEOG - Federal Grants do not need to be repaid. Cal Grant - State Grant does not need to be repaid.
    • VA Benefits - contact Jay Villasenor in the Office of the Registrar at 951-343-4566
    • Institutional Aid - scholarships and grants from CBU do not need to be repaid
    • Private Scholarships - money from private donors does not need to be repaid
    • Direct Loans / PLUS / Alternative Loans - funds borrowed must be repaid

    Note: Do not assume you Financial Aid Award will cover your balance in full.

    5. Check your Course and Fee Statement (Student Accounts)
    The Course and Fee Statement shows what courses you have registered for and provides the estimated charges and pending or accepted financial aid associated to that semester.

    6. Cover Your Tuition and Fees through the Approved Payment Options by the Payment Due Date (Student Accounts)
    All student account charges are due and payable by the Payment Due Date (August 8, 2018). The University expects students to cover all charges for the current semester before advancing to a future semester.

    Approved Payment Options

    • Online Payment Options
      • Pay online through InsideCBU using CASHNet (see instructions below)
      • eCheck, credit card, and foreign currency payments are accepted
    • Semester Payment Plan
      • Pay all or part of your semester charges in four monthly installments without interest
      • Payments are automatically processed on the 5th or 20th of the month
      • A $35 per semester enrollment fee will apply at the time of enrollment
      • To enroll online click here to go to CASHNet
      • Re-enrollment by the Payment Due Date is required each semester

    Note: Payment Due Dates are always available on InsideCBU

    Once you have set up payment arrangements check your student accounts status on the Student Accounts tab on InsideCBU. You will see a green "Enrollment Confirmed" box if the Student Accounts Office has confirmed your enrollment. If you have not completed payment arrangements for the semester you will see a red "Enrollment Not Confirmed" box.

    If you have any questions please contact the appropriate office using the information below.

    Financial Aid Office at or 951.343.4236

    Student Accounts Office at or 951.343.4371

  • Online Orientation

    Prepare to be a Lancer by exploring our online orientation module. You can log in using your Inside CBU username and password. This online orientation will allow you to learn more about the CBU experience, traditions and explore the resources that are available to you as a student. We hope this allows you to learn more about your areas of interest and get excited about this upcoming fall.

  • Welcome Weekend

    Now that you have completed Virtual Orientation, the final step is to attend Welcome Weekend.  For first-time freshmen, your Welcome Weekend experience starts Thursday, August 30 and concludes Monday September 2. Please note that family of freshmen students are able to attend Thursday only. For transfer students, your Welcome Weekend kicks off on Friday, August 31 and concludes September 2. Please note that family of Transfer students are able to attend Friday only. 

    Click here to see all the important information regarding Welcome Weekend.

    For iPhone or Android users, please download our Welcome Weekend app for more details by typing in “CBU Welcome Weekend” in your app store. The app is free and will have updates throughout the summer so be sure to turn your notifications on.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 951-343-4212 or send us an e-mail at


General questions, contact your admissions counselor.
Questions about class registration, email or call (951) 343-4567.  
Questions about FAFSA, scholarships, or loans, email or call (951) 343-4236.
Questions about payment plans, book vouchers, email or call (951) 343-4371.