We hope this page is helpful to you as your student navigates the process of becoming a CBU Lancer. Included are frequently asked questions, finanical aid information and how students proceed through the appication and admittance process to the University. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office with any questions, we are looking forward to assisting your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is safety on campus monitored?
    Our Public Safety office offers 24-hour surveillance of our closed campus and surrounding areas. They are here to serve our students and offer a safe environment for every resident and visitor that comes onto our campus. In addition, all students are required at registration to enroll in a campus alert system that notifies them by text if there an emergency.
  • What is the student to faculty ratio?
  • Are most courses taught by professors or teacher assistants?
    While some faculty members employ teachers assistants, all of our courses are taught by the professor. CBU currently employees 340 full-time faculty and 754 adjunct faculty. All faculty members are required to hold regular office hours during the week in order to better assist students in understanding coursework and professional development.
  • Do students have to sign a statement of faith?
    We do not require our students to sign a statement of faith. However, CBU is unapologetically Christian and because of that, we do require students to abide by a certain code of conduct that they must sign upon enrollment at the University. We abide by the Baptist Faith and Message which can be read here on our website.
  • How big is your school?
    CBU currently has 10,486 total students. 6,153 of this population are traditional, undergraduate students working toward completing a Bachelor’s degree. The remaining population is comprised of graduate and online students.
  • What is your acceptance rate?
    Our acceptance rate is currently about 80%.
  • Is your campus diverse?

    Fall 2018 campus report (undergraduate student population):

    • Caucasian 38%
    • Hispanic 36%
    • African American 8%
    • Two or More Races 5%
    • Asian 5%
    • Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian 1%
    • Unknown 4%
  • What are the average GPA and test scores of a CBU student?
    For fall 2018, the average GPA was 3.59 and the average test scores were ACT 22 / SAT 1080 (critical reading and math only) for first-time, freshmen.
  • Do you accept AP/IB coursework?
    Yes, CBU offers college credit for AP/IB coursework. Please see links below for more information regarding specific tests and required scores.

    AP Credits and IB Credits

What are my student's steps to apply?

  • All students will need to complete our Application online. We will then need the following admissions documents to complete the application process. (Please note, we are not on the Common Application).

    1. Admissions Essay (included in online application)
    2. $45 application fee
    3. Official transcripts from all schools and/or colleges attended
    4. Official ACT/SAT scores (if a student has completed less than 24 college units)

    The Undergraduate Admissions office upholds a rolling admission policy, which means that we do not have a set deadline for application and we will accept applications throughout the year. However, if your student submits their fall 2020 application and all admissions documents by December 1, 2019, they will receive an early admissions decision. They will also have the opportunity to be part of Lancer Select, a special club for early admitted students.

    Please note: A transfer student is anyone who has completed 24 or more college semester units. Transfer students are not required to submit high school transcripts or ACT/SAT scores. However, transfer students may submit high school transcripts to verify if they are exempt from the foreign language general education requirement.

What are my student's steps once they are accepted?

Step One: Submit an Intent to Enroll

This tells us that your student is intending to enroll at CBU for the upcoming semester.

Step Two: Finance your education 

CBU's team of finanical aid counselors are committed to helping students find and secure the resources needed to finance their education. CBU offers a multitude of scholarship and grant opportunities to make the cost of attendance more affordable. These scholarships and grants can come in a variety of forms and are funded through the federal and state government, institutionally from CBU and through private companies and organizations. Additionally, educational loans are available. See the Financial Aid Information below for next steps to secure these resources.

Step Three: Apply for Housing

Housing applications for fall 2020 will open in January of 2020.

Step Four: Attend Lancer Day

Let us help you decide if CBU is the right fit. Accepted students are invited to attend this full day event. 

Step Five: Sign up for New Student Orientation and Get Registered for Classes

Students will attend an orientation event during the summer to register for their fall classes. This event provides the opportunity to have questions answered from a variety of offices on campus such as Residence Life, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Academic Advising. Students living more than fours hours awary will register for their courses through an online process and will attend an on-campus Orientation event right before school begins.

Step Six: Meet the Payment Due Date
Students will sign a Tuition and Fee Agreement for the CBU Student Accounts Office and make approved payment arrangements to cover their balance. The Payment Due Date for the fall 2020 semester is August 12, 2020. Payment plans are available through the Student Accounts Office.

Step Seven: Get Connected at Welcome Weekend
Students will attend Welcome Weekend and get connected to campus resources, future classmates, the CBU Community and Christ.

Financial Aid Information

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an online application for parents and students to complete in order to be eligible for government and institutional need-based aid. The FAFSA opens on October 1st of your student’s senior year or approximately one year before entry into the institution. When completing this application make sure to add CBU’s school code, 001125, so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive award letter.

  • California’s FAFSA state deadline is March 2nd for Cal Grant eligibility. (California Resident’s only). California students must also submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. In most cases, your high school will submit this on your behalf, but it is always good to double check that it is being done by the March 2nd deadline.  It is extremely important to meet this deadline in order to potentially qualify for the most aid available to you and your family.

  • CBU also offers a variety of Institutional grants and scholarships in addition to the FAFSA. Some of these are based on merit and involvement, while others are based on need. Please see this complete list of scholarships and grants that are available at CBU. Currently, 96% of traditional undergraduate CBU students receive some form of financial aid and last year the average gift aid award for incoming students was $19,404. Gift aid is scholarships and grants and do not need to be paid back.

  • Some students may be selected for FAFSA verification. If you have been selected please contact the financial aid office to find out more information on documentation needed.

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