New Student Orientation

Register in classes for your first semester!

New Student Orientation is a two-part, online process for all accepted students starting the spring 2021 semester.


Registration is now live for students accepted for the spring 2021 semester. 

Monday, November 16

Monday, December 14

Wednesday, January 6

Event Details

New Student Orientation is a two-part, online process for all accepted students starting the spring 2021 semester. The first part prepares you for life as a CBU student and second equips you to register in classes for the spring semester with the help of Academic Advisors. We can't wait for you to start at CBU as a Lancer!


Part 1: Complete Orientation Module

Once you sign up for a New Student Orientation date, you will immediately receive an email with a link to access the Orientation Module, an interactive overview of the CBU experience, which includes the traditions and resources available to you as a student. We invite you to complete this entire module, as it has helpful information you need to know to successfully start at CBU. You can use your CBU ID and password to log in to the module.


Part 2: Register in Classes

By 5:00PM PDT on your New Student Orientation date, you will receive an email with your materials to register in classes. The materials you will receive are put together by the Academic Advising office and contain instructions on how to register for classes using InsideCBU. If you have questions about this, check out the section below "What to Expect for Class Registration. Also, during the process, you can reach out to your academic advisor, whom you will continue to work with at CBU. You will have seven (7) days to register for classes, however it should only take you two hours to complete the process.   


Complete Final Steps after Enrolling

Once you have completed the orientation module and registered for classes, you will be directed to a checklist to complete the remaining steps needed to start at CBU. This includes finalizing arrangements to live on campus, completing all applicable forms, completing payment arrangements and getting ready for the semester to begin! 


What to Expect for Class Registration

Are you uncertain about what classes to register in? Don't worry, you are not alone and we are here to help you through the entire process! On the New Student Orientation date you signed up for, you will receive an email from Academic Advising that explains how to know which courses to register in, as well as how to register in them on InsideCBU. So before your date begins, you do not need to figure out your first semester of classes on your own! We are going to help you through that entire process. 

To help you feel more confident in how we are going to equip you, here's what we are working on behind the scenes to prepare the materials that are sent to you on your New Student Orientation Date:

  1. Undergraduate Admissions collects all transcripts that you have sent in and sends them to the University Registrar. 
  2. The University Registrar evaluates your transcripts to determine what comes in for credit and how that credit will be transferred to CBU. This includes any AP, CLEP, or DANTES exams too! 
  3. The Academic Advising Office reviews your coursework that has transferred to prep your materials that are sent to you. They also are experts in the coursework required for your major, so they know how to combine the courses you transfer in with your desired major to advise you on which courses to register in. 
  4. On your New Student Orientation date, an Academic Advisor will send you your personalized materials and instructions to help you know which courses to register in. 

That's it! Then you will be able to register in the classes you need for your first semester at CBU. Don't worry though; if you get stuck along the way you can reach out to your Academic Advisor by selecting your major here. They are ready and able to help you with whatever you need. 


Can I do anything to prepare for class registration now?

Yes! There are some helpful things you can do to be ready to register in classes. 

    • Don't stress and take some deep breaths. Academic Advising is ready and willing to help. 
    • Be sure to send us your most up-to-date transcripts and test scores. Please note that for the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 semesters, test scores for the SAT/ACT/CLT will not be considered for admission to CBU. However, if you have already taken the SAT/ACT/CLT, you can still submit your scores for English/Math placement.
    • Visit the Academic Advising page to see all of the resources provided to you to help you reach graduation. Remember that you will take small steps along the way and it starts with registering for your fall semester classes. 
    • Get familiar with and excited for your program by looking it up on the list of Major Planning Guides. These planning guides are a helpful reference that you can use during your time at CBU. 

We look forward to registering you for your first semester at CBU!

New Student Orientation FAQ's

  • Will I register in classes as part of New Student Orientation? 
    Yes! On your New Student Orientation date, you will receive an email from Academic Advising with information about how to register in classes online using InsideCBU and which classes to register for based on what has transferred in according to your evaluated transcripts and test scores. More information about this whole process can be found above under the header "What to expect for class registration."
  • How will I know which classes to register for?
    The short answer: we will teach you how to know which classes to register for as part of the process when you receive your email from Academic Advising on your New Student Orientation date. So prior to your New Student Orientation, you do not need to map out which courses you will be taking. We will gladly help you with understanding how this works. Please see the section above under "What to expect for class registration" for an in-depth look at how we prepare for you and what you can to do in order to be ready. 
  • Can I extend my deadline for class registration after my New Student Orientation Date?
    Yes! The initial deadline is 7 days, and we expect the process to take around 2 hours to complete entirely. However, we understand circumstances happen and you may need some extra time to complete class registration. If you need to extend your deadline, please email your Academic Advisor to ask them for more time. You do not need to sign up for a later New Student Orientation Date
  • Will there be an on campus New Student Orientation that I should attend?
    No, the Orientation process will be completed entirely online. However, the CBU campus is open for business if you need to work directly with various offices in person including Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Academic Advising, the Office of the University Registrar and others. 
  • Does CBU accept AP/IB/CLEP/DSST exams or Dual Enrollment courses for credit?
    CBU accepts AP, IB, CLEP and DSST tests and dual enrollment courses from regionally accredited institutions. Visit our transfer agreements website to see what tests scores are required for exams to transfer in for credit as well as transfer agreements CBU has with some local institutions. In order to receive credit official test scores and transcripts must be sent to CBU. For dual-enrollment students, an official transcript from the college or university that the dual-enrollment course is in conjunction with is required. 

    If you are transferring from a college or university and took an AP, IB, CLEP or DSST exam, you may receive credit for those exams at CBU. In order to do so, you will need to send an official copy of the exam to CBU. 

  • What if I won't receive my AP exam score or my college course final grade until after I register for classes?
    If this is your situation there are a few things that you can do.
    1. Let your advisor know while you are registering for classes and they can direct you on the best plan.
    2. Send us the official copy of the test scores or transcripts as soon as they are available.
    3. You can make changes to your schedule once CBU receives those final transcripts! Your Academic Advisor is an expert on the classes needed for your major, and they will review and sign off on your initial schedule. However, you are able to make changes to your schedule after it has been reviewed. 
  • Will I have enough time to walk across campus between classes?
    The standard time between classes is 15 minutes and should be sufficient for you to make it to class on time from any location on campus. Although many of our students choose to bring bicycles, skateboards and scooters to get around, you can easily walk across the campus within the allotted 15 minutes between classes. Shuttles are also available for certain class locations at certain times (i.e. CBU Flight Operations at the Riverside airport).
  • Is it too late to apply for housing? 
    No, it is not too late! You can apply for housing here. A $100 non-refundable housing reservation fee is required to complete the application. 
  • What are the different housing options available to students?
    You can check out all of the different living areas, including 360 photos and descriptions here. A housing application is required to live on campus. 
  • When will I receive my official billing statement?

    After you register for classes, you will receive an official bill called your "course and fee statement." 

    The Course and Fee Statement shows what courses you have registered for and provides the estimated charges and pending or accepted financial aid associated to that semester. We'd love to help you figure everything out if you have questions about billing.

  • Can I take care of anything else to be ready to start at CBU? 
    Yes! We'd love for you to get a head start on a few items that are essential to beginning at CBU. A comprehensive list of these things can be found on the enrolled page
      • Health Insurance is required for all Traditional Undergraduate students at CBU enrolled in 7 units or more.  Students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan unless an online waiver form is submitted showing proof of insurance. If you wish to waive the health insurance you can do so here.
      • Complete the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form here. This form grants or denies permission for CBU to discuss student information with, for example, a parent or guardian who is named on the form.



General questions, contact your admissions counselor.
Questions about class registration, use the Find My Advisor tool.  
Questions about FAFSA, scholarships, or loans, email or call (951) 343-4236.
Questions about payment plans, book vouchers, email or call (951) 343-4371.