Financial Aid

Figuring out how to finance your college education is one of the most important (and complicated) challenges you will face as a student. But you are not in this alone—CBU is here to help! Many students think they cannot afford CBU before taking a closer look at the true cost of attending. In fact, 89% of CBU students receive some form of financial aid. Plus, CBU students typically earn their degrees in less time than is common at larger schools. Use CBU's Price Calculator to get a clear view of your cost and financial aid options.

Scholarships and Grants
CBU offers a multitude of scholarship and grant opportunities to make the cost of attendance more affordable. These scholarships and grants can come in a variety of forms and are funded through the federal and state government, institutionally from CBU and through private companies and organizations. Here is a full list of scholarships and grants available at CBU. For more information on private scholarships check out our Scholarship Station.

Educational loans are made available to University students to help fund their education. Learn more about available educational loans here.

Confused about financial aid?

Applying for the Pell Grant, Cal Grant, departmental scholarships and Stafford loans can be confusing. You may ask, “How does anybody do this?!” Don’t give up. CBU will help you through the process and help you find the financial resources to fund your education. 

Learn more about your financial aid options by visiting CBU's Financial Aid department website.